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  1. Gnomish Jump Slippers Question

    There is no need to keep the slippers until you are high level (or have high level gear). Just equip the shoes. The ability is "enchanted" onto your character (It will now show on the character sheet as a permanent ability). The appearance of the shoes will be a wardrobe option now. The...
  2. Villagers with a hint of Heroes

    The game used to have monster parts (claws fangs etc) which dropped from mobs and which were used in crafting. The forums were full of complaints from players that it took far too long killing mobs to get the parts you wanted. They were removed in the Wellspring patch (I think it's was...
  3. What's the order of "Rebirth"?

    Whatever order you do them in, you always level to each level without any rebirth bonus only once, so it isn't that big a difference either way. Indeed, if you rebirth exactly at the "target" levels (30, 45, 60 etc) it actually makes no difference at all in the total number of level ups (390...
  4. Questions about toys

    Ardent City > Elk Meadow > Trader's Path. The Zog redeem npc is by the vault in Trader's near the telepad.
  5. Villagers with a hint of Heroes

    The whole purpose of having the repair globules is to prevent bots being used to simply gather all day, every day. Making them auto gather would completely defeat the purpose of having them in the first place. On the rng nature of crafting I totally agree with you.
  6. Customer Service Request

    Yeah, sorry, I posted that in reply to your post (no 6) and your post (no 7) rendered it unnecessary. At this point I'm going to bow out and leave you in the capable hands of Sarah Otter, who will do a much better job than I can of sorting out the problem.
  7. Customer Service Request

    It should look like this
  8. Customer Service Request

    How are you contacting CS? Mantis are not C.S,
  9. Customer Service Request

    Mantis is the software used by Mad Otter for bug reporting etc. I think you have just somehow got connected to the company providing the backup to CS, not CS itself.
  10. Questions about toys

    I think you may be talking about items from Darrig Chests, which can be exchanged for special currency which can then in turn be used to buy items from the vendors in the cirque du Darrig, which you can enter from Ardent City. You should be able to use any toy you get - some may be one time...
  11. A problem with EU1?

    Server is up for me. (Ardent time 12.42)
  12. A problem with EU1?

    Given that it seems to have failed at the time of the weekly reboot, I would suggest something simply went wrong and it failed to actually reboot. Hopefully as soon as it is restarted it will reboot without further issues.
  13. A problem with EU1?

    EU1 appears to be down at present. The problem with being the wrong side of the Atlantic - hopefully Otters will be awake soon and can fix it.
  14. New Mad Otter Store!

  15. Did you know... V&H Merchandise

    I think you may have misunderstood the post. As mentioned above, the V and H merchandise shown above and sold by Zazzle is officially licensed by Mad Otter, and Mad Otter do get revenue from the sales. Here is the original post announcing the new merchandise -...
  16. Villagers with a hint of Heroes

    Well, whether you believe what others say is up to you, but it happens to be true, all the same. The real point is, I like gathering and crafting, so yes, I spend time doing them, and because of that I level up village skills much faster than combat. Obviously you prefer the combat side of the...
  17. Villagers with a hint of Heroes

    See post 4.
  18. Villagers with a hint of Heroes

    Really, you can max a char's combat skills from nothing in under 6 weeks?
  19. MAY DAY MAY DAY...... S.O.S!

    Glad you found it.
  20. MAY DAY MAY DAY...... S.O.S!

    The entrances to the stairs to both upper floors are both the same - just in opposite corners