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  1. Angelina

    OvO's Hybrid Ice Wizard Build Brief Guide - Why and How

    Record a video of you running the 95 Elders race.And what your dps is.
  2. Angelina

    Heroic Raids - Changes for Next Season

    1raid season -gold name plate.=middle summer event-goldname plate.I am sure that at the next events there will be both a green and a purple nameplate. xD
  3. Angelina

    Heroic Raids - Changes for Next Season

    Purple nameplate.Lol. Yes, many went on raids for a colored nameplate.But the sugar-sweet summit devalued that award, and then midsummer came out and devalued the colored signs from the raids even more.Unfortunately, the developers will not be able to motivate with rewards.
  4. Angelina

    Resurrect button position matches a quick slot button

    This is made especially for your convenience.In order that you could instantly buy and use resurrection. xD
  5. Angelina

    Ideas on making Ice Wizards not a meme

    No no,no rework,up and remastered icewiz.Only nerf!!!! Because the player must suffer!!! xD And need nerf firewiz,priests,hunters.Need nerf all good class.Because if all classes are bad,then no one will be bad!!!Yeah its great idea!Vote this!!! xD
  6. Angelina

    Show all effects- shouldn’t hide damage dealing effects

    Make a button to disable screen shaking.When there are a lot of people, the screen shakes, the FPS drops to 1-5 fps, there are friezes and lags, you press the spell button,it is not pressed,you press again, the spell description pops up,and when the description hangs, it is impossible to press...
  7. Angelina

    Mana Meta Meeting

    I don't like the system of decreasing utility of statistics.When you look for a very long time for a thing with the right characteristics, dress it and eat it +0.5% to the strength of the characteristic.Spit, that's terrible.
  8. Angelina

    What “races” do you see your character/main toon as?

    I am an Ifrit, I was born in the desert sands,I have blue skin,fiery eyes and hair.Of course, I wear Egyptian clothes,ride a rhinoceros, and have a good command of fire magic.My father is a stone lord and my mother is Liandra.I'm a bit like my father, but unfortunately I didn't see my mother.She...
  9. Angelina

    Mobile vs PC Memberships

    If a player has never collected AHS, then only AHS is available for 3 or 6 months.Upon expiration, AHS becomes available for 1-3-6 months.AHS for a month can be paid in cash.AHS for 3-6 months in crowns only. The android platform.Not USA or EU.
  10. Angelina

    Professions and restrictions

    Ok,armorsmith-can make legendary armor with a small chance.Legendary armor is 5% stronger than epic armor.That is all.When crafting any armor, there are forbidden characteristics(crete and crete damage).YOU'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO CRAFT THINGS WITH A CRIT.Weaponsmith can crafting things with...
  11. Angelina

    Professions and restrictions

    Tell me, which specializations of professions do you consider good and which are not?I consider weaponsmith and potion masters to be good.Unfortunately, the rest are useless. About restrictions: why does armorsmith have a restriction?Why does the drink have a restriction?Everyone drinks the...
  12. Angelina

    Fire blast/floor damage on Empowered Anosia

    I would like to say about mapdesign .In maps where the conflict zones are located on the same map,FPS drops very much, for example, Twilight Event map ,Grincha Lair and Darty Wood. But there are maps with good FPS, they also have separate zones for boss battles: Glendergan.And the best FPS...
  13. Angelina

    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, May 3rd for Twilight Vale!

    To pass the empowered ladder, you need a group of no more than 5 people.
  14. Angelina

    New class/ profession

    A new class?Profession?Don't get your hopes up.It's long, complicated, and expensive.I would advise you not to hope.
  15. Angelina

    Shadow orbs

    I played as a priest 3 years ago and now.Yes, he was given an additional echo curse, but they broke the work of the old mechanics.Now the dark priest is not only weakened,but also broken.Playing for him got worse.He has nothing but damage.The weakest class in self-healing, control,and...
  16. Angelina

    Shadow orbs

    Has a 40%(+27,39) chance to detonate ALL your DamageOverTime(DOT) effect on the target.It says ALL DOTS not ALL OR PART OF DOTS.Please fix this bug.
  17. Angelina

    Shadow orbs

    Please fix the bug when shadow orbs are triggered, but do not blow up all the DOTs.The description says that I have a chance to blow up all the dots,and the chance that this damage will be critical.Now shadow orbs work like this:can blow up 1 dot,can 2, can 3 and of course can not blow up...
  18. Angelina

    Mana Changes Proposal 2.0

    Just a quick question.Why is everyone discussing 10sec?Is it tedious to spam mana every 10 seconds?This is inconvenient.Can I leave 30sec?Because 10 sec.this is a standard class rotation.By pressing 3-5 buttons and mana, 3-5 buttons and mana.If earlier mana was spammed in special cases,now it...
  19. Angelina

    Global Cooldown.

    How often have you had to kill bounties at an inconvenient time?How often, by killing today, did you plan a rebirth for tomorrow?Have you ever had a person who can help you have the generosity to cooldown?Or today you can play in the evening, and tomorrow in the morning,but the coodown will...
  20. Angelina

    Temporary Playbalance Fix for Raids

    Did you know that the raid buff only increases basic health?And the basic health at level 95 is 50k.Normal players at level 95 have 200k hp,tanks have 350k hp.And imagine if you increase the base health buff, then it is very small and funny. xDThe warrior's Battle Cry adds 100k hp.This is 200%...