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  1. Salem Ruse

    Stuck "Preparing zone, please wait..."

    All of my characters on US3 are inside the village Slumberton, it wont load, on PC the loading bar moves to almost full and then stops. On mobile I just get the preparing zone, please wait. Been trying to get back on after porting to the village for about 20 minutes now. And now all of my...
  2. Salem Ruse

    Why is it called a rollback...

    Why is it called a rollback when you lose everything that was in the mail prior to the 18 hours that was rolled back? Shouldn't it too be in the mail?
  3. Salem Ruse

    Redeem codes for ios

    Might I suggest linking the forums account to the player's in-game account (and/or server played depending on how redeem codes work on 1 account and multiple servers), then a achievement/title/mark is given on the forums that signifies the player has been given a redeem code and then, just mail...