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  1. Raid Zone Crashes

    The Red Cloister raid zone keeps crashing on US3.
  2. Garden Timer

    A timer that tells us when our garden is done or a crop is done growing with an on/off switch.
  3. Speed Boosts for Priests!

    So I was told all the other classes except priests have a speed boosts. How come priests don’t have a speed boost like all the other classes? All the priests have to use are the crappy fleets. Madem who is in the 95 Elders group said that he feels like he is running through mud. He is a shadow...
  4. Mini Mods

    I was wondering if the devs could make people mini mods.
  5. Alfred Polymorph

    I was thinking since some people didn’t get the Alfred polymorph from the newbie calendar maybe the devs could add it to the crown shop?
  6. Game Name Restrictions

    Here is an idea. Could the devs make a name restriction to restrict nasty and racist names?
  7. Crispian’s Outfit in HRC

    I am wondering where to get Crispian’s outfit. Is it available in game somewhere? I wanted to add it to my stylish wardrobe collection.
  8. Friend’s List Suggestion

    I was wondering if the devs could maybe maximize the number of friends you have to either 1,000 or make the main toon and their alts one friend because it seems I have a friend problem at the max of 400 friends.
  9. 100 Character Message Problem

    When typing in chat, why is there a limit of 100 characters. I am complaining because on US3 Impresario likes to do poetry and the limit is ruining is poetry.
  10. Female Clothes Suggestion

    We need more hotter and sexier clothes for the females. We also need bigger boobs, some girls feel that we look like guys.
  11. Blazing Speed Suggestion

    When you guys do the expansion can you add blazing speed for all the classes not just for wizards? It seems that tanks, hunters, and priests fall behind in the dungeon and it takes awhile for them to catch up to the rest of the group.