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  1. Lucas Crowalker

    [US3] Guild of Life (to be made)

    The charging for Elders and bounties and raids would be minimal, like lvl 20 and lvl 30 elders for 50 silver. Doing 5 bronze raids for 50 silver. Two bounty runs for 50 silver. Mainly for people who wanna complete stuff fast. I think the above also answers your question? If not, could you...
  2. Lucas Crowalker

    [US3] Guild of Life (to be made)

    I’m thinking of starting a guild called Guild of Life. Basically, each group of players or player would have a company. This could be a gathering company, or a raid helping company, or a bounty boss helper company, but it would work 1 on 1 with clients, and when done, charge money and refer the...
  3. Lucas Crowalker

    Fan Friday Short Story Series: Yes or No?

    Yeah, that's why I'm gonna submit one every other week. Also, the main question was about if I could write a series for Fan Friday, sorry, I think I was unclear about that.
  4. Lucas Crowalker

    Fan Friday Short Story Series: Yes or No?

    Hello! My name is Lucas Crowalker/Akrix, and I'm writing three stories for Fan Friday. They take place one after the other, and continue each other, however I'm wondering if this is allowed. You can also read only one and enjoy, it can even be the middle or the last. I'm planning to submit one...
  5. Lucas Crowalker

    Making leveling interesting

    Good idea! Tbh Albion has some of the coolest stuff I’ve seen in MMORPGs. But for people who want to just be able to kill bounties without thinking much, there should be some indication the minimal and map if a bounty is ‘evolvable’.
  6. Lucas Crowalker

    Rate My Shadow Priest Build

    I have edited my endgame desired build and put a new link into the original post.
  7. Lucas Crowalker

    Rate My Shadow Priest Build

    Thank you for the feedback!
  8. Lucas Crowalker

    Rate My Shadow Priest Build

    Hello! My name is Akrix and I want to see if my build is good. Endgame Desired Build:,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,15,15,5,10,0,30,40 (last update 4/26/2022 4:37 PM) Current Build (Level 17, Rebirth 1)...
  9. Lucas Crowalker

    Scaling Drops

    Oh really? lol... Didn't realize that, ty!
  10. Lucas Crowalker

    Scaling Drops

    Hello! Have you ever gotten a good drop, and then realized its three levels under your level? Well, this suggestion will fix that! Basically, what I'm proposing is a system where drops in a zone are scaled to the player's level if they are in a certain level range (5 levels up, 5 levels down)...
  11. Lucas Crowalker

    Following on to the ‘why’ people quit at low level and the upper levels discussion

    Oh, he became a dev in January 2022, before that he was very active on forums though.
  12. Lucas Crowalker

    Boss Revamp Ideas

    Hello everyone! I have recently had a thought while doing Bellamere Palace Bronze raids: Why don't all Elders(ik some late-game ones do) and some Venerable bosses have unique mechanics, like Red Prince? So, I' making this thread to suggest ways to revamp some bosses to make them more engaging...
  13. Lucas Crowalker

    Following on to the ‘why’ people quit at low level and the upper levels discussion

    Thanks for explaining it more, but I still feel like this would not serve the game very well. Answer to question 1 response - I guess, but maybe instead of one option being 'hardcore grind' and the other being 'skip everything besides endgame content,' one could be 'get to endgame faster.' This...
  14. Lucas Crowalker

    Monster arena

    This could also be implemented in Ardent Castle Dungeons so that new players and old players alike can try it- the devs add an underground floor with the most dangerous prisoners, you walk down stairs to get there, then an NPC prompts you to start the event and when you click yes random cell...
  15. Lucas Crowalker

    Following on to the ‘why’ people quit at low level and the upper levels discussion

    That's pay to win, and if you pay $100 to get to endgame instantly versus if you grind through all the quests, which one do you think yields more satisfaction? If the game offered that option, don't you think it'd devalue getting to endgame?
  16. Lucas Crowalker

    Guild creation

    Wasn't there a command like /ghelp that shows guild commands?
  17. Lucas Crowalker


    That's a good idea, but then wouldn't you be thrust into the middle of a storyline? Or would your main quest start from the beginning?
  18. Lucas Crowalker

    Optional Mobile ads

    I don't think its a very good idea. Let's say you're a new player, coming into the game for the first time. You know all those low-quality mobile games that also have that option? You'd probably think it was one of those. And early game is extremely easy, like many of those low-quality games.
  19. Lucas Crowalker

    Scaling Gear

    Enhancing is sort of a weaker version of it I think. I think 5/5 enhancements grant you a 1.5 level boost(cant find anything abt it on the wiki and servers are down rn). Also about Legendary being the base lvl of gear, I think that, yes, this system could give people very overpowered builds for...
  20. Lucas Crowalker

    Guild Event Items

    Thank you! I'd be very glad to compete in Village Olympics one day!