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  1. Gewel

    Equinox Departure Date!

    I'm ready for the Halloween event. I wish that started earlier.
  2. Gewel

    V&H a scam?!?!?

    Someone replied to a Facebook add for this game saying "This is literally a Credit Card scam, report this crap" Why would someone think that? I find it weird, it's bugging me.
  3. Gewel

    Suggestions for 2021 'Quality of Life Build'

    Village Message Board. I would like that. Mayor can delete messages if they are offensive.
  4. Gewel

    Servers Issues Monday, Jan 11

    Thank you for this info, I was wondering if it was me.
  5. Gewel


    A guy in a window box that will read your fortune for a piece of copper. A fortune related to the game.
  6. Gewel

    Clock Tower

    I think it would be neat to have a clock tower in Ardent, with the game time on it.
  7. Gewel

    Member Since

    Is there a way to find out the date I started playing this game? I think in the old forums it said member since - whenever. I am old and have CRS, and sometimes would like to know how long I've been playing this game.
  8. Gewel

    Shaman Names

    Shanamana (do do do do doooo)
  9. Gewel

    What you most NEED to know before July 15th

    So I need to spend my Red Derrig before update? I'll lose them?
  10. Gewel

    Village Suggestions

    I would like more variety of things we can add to Seedling Nursery project. Other things have more of a variety.
  11. Gewel

    Tuesday Livestream - Feb 26!

    Today's live stream was great!
  12. Gewel

    Tuesday Livestream - Feb 26!

  13. Gewel

    Tuesday Livestream - Feb 26!

    No, I was inspired by an old movie, wondering if any of the devs would guess in live stream. It's my trivia question. :p. Movie was made in 1977
  14. Gewel

    Tuesday Livestream - Feb 26!

    My snow. Can anyone tell what I was making?
  15. Gewel

    What are y'all doin' since game has been down?

    I've been playing with MY Legos with my cat. I didn't invite him to play with me, but he can't resist. He hasn't built anything yet, but does enjoy knocking them on the floor. I gave up trying to stop him.
  16. Gewel

    Create an outfit with the devs - suggest outfit ideas here!

    Some kind of Camouflage. While we were in some zones we would almost blend in with our souroundings and barley be noticed.
  17. Gewel

    What are y'all doin' since game has been down?

    I'm a neat freak so it didn't take long. But I kind of ignore my basement, but now I have the cleanest basement ever!
  18. Gewel

    What are y'all doin' since game has been down?

    Cleaned the house. Went outside, ran back in. It's to cold. TV sucks, even with alot of cable channels and Prime Video. To lazy to find a new game, and I like the people here to much anyway. So I'm reading a book. Will have to start another one if game is still down, I'm almost done reading...
  19. Gewel

    Post your Questions for the Devs for their Livestream

    Has Diet taken out his garbage yet?