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  1. BBlue

    comparing items/gnomenting

    having pretty odd bug and only few others are having it, when i compare ex: necklace for holy priest, if I had gnog prior to switching toon it will not preview correct toon necklace , but show whatever toon I was on last gnoging, same goes for items, if i click a pie on a toon , then need to...
  2. BBlue

    Cant login since last night

    I have rebooted my pc and even turned it off I just keep getting unable to connect make sure your connected to internet or have stronger wifi, I know for sure I have internet but unsure why I cant login now.
  3. BBlue

    Clockworks issue

    Not sure if this is a bug or not but even if using a clockwork while gathering it should take the supplies while gathering though, but supplies remain at same number, and didn't change at all, which makes me think this is a bug.
  4. BBlue

    Duegon runs still seem unfair at times

    Red cloister is a limit of 7 players atm, and hos only certain people are invited to run when they do them, they don't even put it out in world 90% of time because only a certain group can run them, and below lv90 u really don't get told and u end up missing I don't do them much because I feel...
  5. BBlue

    Add a prismaboar in event zone next time maybe

    I noticed there's several new ez toys this year, it would be cool if we could fight something like a rainbow boar all we get to fight is fairies, or maybe a quest like back at Christmas ez we had to help one of the elf npcs find his lost fairy pet,but instead we would have to find a rainbowboar...
  6. BBlue

    Is any1 else unable to connect to servers?

    I tried to get on but it say updating or behind firewall, but I already have my firewall turned off so is there any updates or did something go wrong with the servers again
  7. BBlue

    Event zone question

    If a toon does rebirth during event zone can they still earn tears without daily and ladder run without being effected where u can't earn any? I'm aware you cant get double sockets or rewards I'm just wondering if u do rebirth do you lose the tears from the event?
  8. BBlue

    Low the cost of gnoging

    I know probably won't happen but 7 gold to gnog a sword is kind of aweful, not to mention when gnoging the sword on alt had issues the slash feat didn't transfer to new sword, which cost additional 7 gold and 2 more sockets to fix, so 14 gold all together seems kind of high for 1 item. Plus...
  9. BBlue

    Lv.30 elder boss seem to be sitting down

    Took a guildies to do there 30s and the elders did look normal, some where sitting and some were liking bowing instead of standing to fight. Not sure if this was changed to be this way but it doesn't seem normal
  10. BBlue

    My hunter is struggling since patch

    I used to be able to do zorain marshland a lv.90 zone but can't now on my nature hunter who is lv.90 and has 5 rebirth completed, any hunters have a suggestion?
  11. BBlue

    I am trying to get back in game and can't

    I was playing on my toons just fine earlier but when I went to switch to my alt , the game gave me 2 errors the this popped and I don't know if it me or the game, as some in world prior to me switching toons on us2 asked if game was down, as they were having...
  12. BBlue

    can you make a way for players not to over charge for items on ah

    over the last few months a few items or gear have been really insane on price on ah, think one time I saw a ruby that was like lv.1 -5 that someone was asking 999 gold for lol and it wasn't even worth that much, when the game did well spring it...
  13. BBlue

    I found my 5th rebirth to be the most fun of the 5

    I just finished rebirth yesterday and found 5th rebirth to be easy and a lot of fun, and learned a lot from it for starters I been using the wrong heal trinket for months prior to rebirth so ended up finding a better trinket during the rebirth process...
  14. BBlue

    about normal player calendar

    do the months repeat the reward items on daily calendar I have missed 3 months of the reward items so far most recent one was the Christmas one which was for the spring I had 3 pieces already and would of have the 4th but due to a tree knocking...
  15. BBlue

    issue with when bags get full

    I noticed this every time my bags are full I am not getting the message bags are full like I should be, which I will not notice until I go pick anything up and then dc because of it then when I get back in game I see bags are maxed to there limit but...
  16. BBlue

    everytime I dc I will try and relog and have this issue

    after I dc I wait for few mins to try and log back in and select us2 but for about a month I been having an issue where when I click us2 it somehow goes to us3 in middle of loading the game and I don't have any toons there and don't plan to, just...
  17. BBlue

    question about rebirth

    I haven't done a rebirth in a very long time and about to do my 90, I know it will cause the ez quest to restart but since it's been very long time since I did one I can't remember if u lose event currency u didn't use prior to rebirth or u...
  18. BBlue

    dc issue in tomb

    2 of 5 in party got dc I was one of them and believe a bug report got sent automatically because the game client crashed to desktop but I thought I put the message I got when game client crashed here as well in case any more get that message was...
  19. BBlue

    invo bags need lock button for items in bag

    I know this may of been suggested before or not but we really need a lock option on items we wish not to sell in our invo bag, the other day due to ez lag I was lagging a bit when trying to sell at a village vendor and the one thing everyone regets is...