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  1. vpy

    Game Story at high levels

    I am at lvl 65 and doing the brindles quest lines. Will these brindles be there till all the way to the level cap ?..I think I started encountering these creatures from Sapphira Lament ? This game had some of the best story line ever till like lvl 30ish and after that it simply stopped (kinda...
  2. vpy


    Questing at this game from level 1 to level 35 ish is one of the best in all the video games I have ever played. I really abhorred the terratrias/traven zone quests..nearly left the game...literally gives me nausea just recollecting the grind for them keys/fragments. Glad I stuck with the...
  3. vpy

    What is the name of this feat/spell ?

    The above is a youtube link of a quest walkthrough. At 3 mins 17 sec in the video walkthrough, the player uses a spell/feat that immediately makes the mobs not hostile to the player allowing the player to focus only on the bounty mob. The effect on the mobs is "Calmed". Can someone tell me...
  4. vpy

    Water Shaman Bug ?

    I noticed that the buff from "Attune to Water" ("Elemental Focus : Water") lasts only for a few minutes and falls off. Is this a bug ? I did not see any timer on this spell in the tool tip
  5. vpy

    Water Shaman vs Holy Priest for high levels

    I would like to level a healer. Which spec do you prefer for handling 5+ mobs (which is very common at Pyrron zones) ?
  6. vpy

    Game Controllers for iPad/Android

    I play V&H in my iPad and sometimes in my Android Phone. Are there any supported game controllers for them ?
  7. vpy

    Leveling through 60+ Zones without being a Nature Hunter

    I am currently doing the parchment quest where i need to kill bounty mobs in the "The Undercroft" (lvl 64-66 zone) The question that I am about to ask is one .which I have been wondering ever since I got into this Pyrron zones (ramparts, lower keep, upper keep etc) All of these zones are fully...
  8. vpy

    Most Satisfying high level (60+) classes you have levelled

    Satisfaction is a highly subjective term. It could mean you like the class's playstyle, dmg or healing or tanking capacity or simply the combat animation. Or it could mean that the class was not so good at the beginning but you pressed on and it became wonderful at high levels kinda like "ugly...
  9. vpy

    Till what level we can solo level via questing...

    I am lvl 64 Nature Hunter. So far leveling/questing has been fun. But very recently I found my questing halted and I was asked to kill couple of non solo lvl 60+ elders to even continue the main quest. I got some help from a random nice high level player but this made me to wonder whether I will...
  10. vpy

    MM Spec...What exactly is the spec good at ?

    I am currently a lvl 64 Nature Hunter. All my points are vested in Nature tree and I am very comfy with that spec/rotation/dmg/healing etc. Whenever I tried to dabble with MM Spec (with MM feat/talents ofc) I found the spec to be extremely weak defense wise...that makes it a horrible solo...
  11. vpy

    Wacky Hybrid specs

    I am currently trying to get inputs from veteran players with respect to their experience with hybrid specs. For example with this spec, the primarily healer Water Shaman can pretty much solo 1 vs 5+ regular mobs easily...
  12. vpy

    Mind Spark

    As per the wiki below , Mind spark refreshes the cooldown of all spells. Then when does this ultimate "Brilliant and Bright" do ?
  13. vpy

    Bug : LVL 10 Elder Moonslinger (the spider) does not drop the insignia

    In "The Moonglade" zone, the lvl 10 elder Moonslinger mob is supposed to drop "Amethyst Elder Insignia". I have killed this mob like 3 times and yet that insignia has not dropped once. Is this a bug ? Other mobs like Balthechildis, Desecrato have dropped their respective drops. Normally I would...
  14. vpy

    POLL: Two specs with the highest AOE damage potential

    As the question states With all considerations (investing in runes, gear etc) which specs has the highest damage potential from mid to cap (lvl 40+ onwards)? You can choose two specs
  15. vpy

    Level 25 - 31 Shaman Axe with Water Shield Rune

    Mates, I really really need a lvl 25-31 water shaman axe with watershield rune in it :(. That rune is available only via drops or something. If you guys have that axe, I would really appreciate if you can msg me that. I am willing to pay 10g for that..rarity does not matter (though i would love...
  16. vpy

    Is solo leveling not possible at high levels ?

    I am at lvl 63 (Nature Hunter). As of now I only have two main quests in my journal. Both of them are much beyond my level. One is asking me to fight a 550K HP Mob Another one ...wait you will love asking to fight two of these 550k HP mobs at the same time. So is...
  17. vpy

    Unable to progress in main quest :(

    I play in US3 and in AEST as such I am not able to meet a lot of people. There is a quest called "Pretty Fleece Mad Sheep". In order to proceed further I am asked to turn in 100 Cragtweed Fleece which I recently understood is obtained from lvl 60 sheep. :( For someone like me who likes to quest...
  18. vpy

    Sales not showing up in Android

    Can dev fix this issue asap? The sale is on now but it is not showing up on my Android at all It just states that some handle but I dont see any sales
  19. vpy

    Talent Calculator

    Can someone link the latest talent calculator ? The one I have is old and does not even have Shaman :(,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
  20. vpy

    POLL : Which Shaman is best suited for solo leveling at mid to high levels ?

    As the poll indicates I am trying to understand which spec of Shaman is better suited for solo leveling at high levels. I played both of them till level 20. I like both of their play styles pretty equally. But I would really like to focus on one spec (as I have less gold for gearing /crafting...