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  1. Liston

    just curioius, seems large waste..

    when we rebirth and get new mount, seems really worthless to get the same mount and cannot do anything with it, OTHER than dropping it in the trash. Why cant we be offered the same mount, but a different color, or be able to exchange it for a slightly different but same category mount? or even...
  2. Liston

    Would be GREAT if

    in the chat area, where we can turn on or off the new person coming into the server, if you could add a new one, turn off the every few minutes notification of hey EZ has a new boss respawning. That would be sweet ever so sweet.
  3. Liston

    Thought on trolls

    just how difficult would it be, to put into the new creation of NEW account/toon, where YOU the game, sends a verification email, and wait till verification arrives BEFORE they enter the game. The Trolling has slowed down, still is a bit, nothing like it did, but. This would stop the BOT...
  4. Liston

    EZ warning

    notice posted every hour '[Twilight Vale] Prisma is spawning in 0:04:55!' is great, but how difficult it would be to add on to that message the current time in game? then people could say, oh is around 30-40 minutes and not take a guess
  5. Liston

    considering the work

    how about a repeat event someplace across the servers or on a single server to SHOW our DEV's AND how much we appreciate all of the hard work they put in to help us DAY in and day out. repeat, because I for 1 recall the other event similar to this where people trying to get in and could not...
  6. Liston

    redo old zone update it

    is an old favorite zone, much enjoyed by many, BFG Black Fury Gorge. When I started the game, the portal was in Ardent, well was ok. Many went to it frequently different reasons, but was busy almost all day by many in many different levels. The way it is now, can only get the key from Pinbone...
  7. Liston

    village help

    the command /gshow does a fantastic job of showing everyone in you guild in a copy-able form, but why can you not add the same command for villages ? would be very nice
  8. Liston


    would thoroughly enjoy seeing a few things added in the villagers, 1 big one is double the nodes, 2 nodes for each level type in village. sometimes you want to gather in the village and others are already there doing their thing for the next few hours.. 2 nodes for each would be a huge bonus...