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  1. Extremely Frustrating Shade Daily

    There is a particular shade patrol daily that feels as if the drop rate is much too low. I just finished it after returning several times throughout the day and spending 3 hours searching and killing. 26 blight cats later, the item finally dropped. 26 might not SEEM that high, but remember that...
  2. Christmas Theme

    I remember during the Grinchta's Lair event back in 2016, you guys added a Christmas theme to Ardent City, but havn't done it again since then. I remember it looking really awesome and would like to see it again this year if possible. If not possible, can you please explain why?
  3. Dungeons after patch.

    I just want to say THANK YOU for ruining dungeons for everyone. Job well done. You might as well just remove them from the game at this point. Waste of time and mana. If a full lvl 90 team with enhanced gear, can't even achieve silver, then what hope does the average player have?
  4. Repeating Audio bug on Android

    Okay, so I'm not exactly sure WHEN this bug started, but I didn't notice it till right after the Android 64-bit update. So here is what happens, I can log in and within a few minutes of doing the usual random things, (bag, vault, teleport and kill bounties, etc.) the game will save a few...
  5. MOBILE Camera Rotation Oversensitivity.

    Hi Otters, I've noticed that the right thumb camera rotation sensitivity seems to have been increased recently (or I'm crazy) to the point that it has an almost "slippery" feeling when rotating around. I'm not demanding that it be reduced or anything, because some may actually like it, but would...
  6. Legend items from compensation

    Hi, a few of us in world chat were discussing the legend items we will be recieving from the compensation and it seems a few are confused about them. I told them that we will be recieving 24hr timed chests directly into our bag and that we will not be able to save them. I said that we must open...