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  1. Chris30s

    Wardrobe Slot Addition

    I do like the idea of having wings and hats be separate slots, but it would definitely need to be visible on all 5 classes. Wizards and Archers are actually able to equip a shield... it's just invisible. My characters have the tombstone, Christmas shield from the EZ, and the 3 shields from the...
  2. Chris30s

    Toys & Companions that remain in inventory...

    Yes, as long as it's a soulbound toy and you are sure that you have a copy of the toy in your toybox, then go ahead and delete it from your inventory. If it's an account bound toy, you might want to put it in your vault, just in case you create a new character and that toybox needs it for some...
  3. Chris30s

    Servers Down Friday, December 17th for Small Fix-it Patch

    Notes state you removed descriptions... but somehow I think the items got removed instead. I can't find them in the Christmas tab of the shop any more. They were there when the Grinchta build went live.
  4. Chris30s

    Gear & Build Guide

    Permanent speed upgrade = buy a mount from the crown shop
  5. Chris30s

    Easy way to wardrobe the appearance of husk items such as Cheetah boots

    Sorry, didn't mean to imply you didn't. I meant to say that nobody can craft them. They were never a craftable item.
  6. Chris30s

    Easy way to wardrobe the appearance of husk items such as Cheetah boots

    Yes, the only way to do this trick is if you already own the Cheetah Boots as a husk. As Ekimie posted, you can't craft these boots.
  7. Chris30s

    Servers Down Friday, December 17th for Small Fix-it Patch

    No problem... just ignore the bug report I sent about it, then. :)
  8. Chris30s

    Servers Down Friday, December 17th for Small Fix-it Patch

    If the NPC is actually supposed to be DOUGHNUT, then there's a typo in his name... he's Doghnut in game.
  9. Chris30s

    [Guide] Grinchta's Lair - 2021 edition

    Nope, same things... 8 different hats, boot set, glove set, shield
  10. Chris30s

    Patch 4.67 - Christmas 2021

    Just thought I would throw this in here, rather than making a different thread... I've updated the Grinchta's Lair toy crafting Google sheet to include a 2nd page for the Hideout tasks. Hope it helps! 🎄
  11. Chris30s


    Not all the brooms fly over water, so be careful to check the descriptions.
  12. Chris30s

    We Need A Giant Turkey Mount For November!

    This talk always reminds me of Free Realms. That game had so many fun things, but for some reason, the Thanksgiving stuff drifts back into memory the quickest. Turkey Ride Turkey Outfit Turkey Leg (weapon) Turkey Hat and Raw Turkey Ride
  13. Chris30s

    Advance Notice of Server Reboots Friday, Oct 29th

    According to what Sarah posted, not for another 2 hours.
  14. Chris30s

    Servers Down Wednesday 8th for Equinox Patch!

    If Halleebell's advice doesn't work, try porting to Ardent City. That's how I got the original quest to pop up on some of my alts.
  15. Chris30s

    The Sneaky Scribbler Caption Contest

    If nothing else, I'm certainly still having fun reading them! :ROFLMAO:
  16. Chris30s

    Twilight Vale quests did not reset when I rebirthed

    The fact that those Sugarsweet quests DID reset is where the bug exists. I'm not sure if it's been posted on the new forums anywhere, but somewhere along the way, we were told rebirthing during an event would not reset the quests... and if we were in the middle of them, we would lose out completely.
  17. Chris30s

    The St. Patrick's Otterly Emerald Event!

    Warty McWoozy :ROFLMAO:
  18. Chris30s

    Low level 22 hour garden exotics xp

    I've been reading in other thread posts that there seems to be some difficulty happening with tool tips dropping off the zero end-digit. It sounds like that's happening to you here. Also seems to be an iOS thing... at least those that stated which platform they were using seemed to be using...
  19. Chris30s

    Winners of the NPC Name Contest

    Congratulations! All of the names were very funny... or very punny! Thank you all for a good laugh while reading them.
  20. Chris30s

    Coal and Reindeer Droppings

    Sarah closed the thread on Monday night, so the contest is over. They will be announcing the winner tomorrow.