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  1. ishanroyc

    EU1 Event-V&H related Trivia Contest!

    On 14th August 2021(Saturday) there will be a Trivia Contest! The topic is Villagers and Heroes, so be sure to brush up on your V&H knowledge folks! There will also be a lottery event at the end of it (for only those who are present there). Time: 16:30 AT (check Ardent Time by clicking on...
  2. ishanroyc

    Lucky Draw/Raffle[Are you lucky?]- EU1 Event

    Hello all! Are you feeling lucky? Do you want a great prize? Then step right on! All you need to do is send me an ingame mail on "ishanroyc" on EU1 that youre interested in participating in the lucky draw and I'll add your name to the pool of players, assigning each player a number, at the end...
  3. ishanroyc

    EU1/EU-EN Environment Day Screenshot Event!

    Hello all! This is a EU1/EU-EN screenshot event with the theme "Environment Day" . All you need to do is post an ingame screenshot of the appropriate theme and give us your ingame name to enter the screenshot contest. The winners will be declared on 12th June (next Saturday). Spread awareness...
  4. ishanroyc

    Question about Dijanne in Summer's Hollow

    Hi all, I just wanted to ask something about Dijanne (NPC in Summer's Hollow C5) since my first ever rebirth. Why doesnt she give the quest "Just maybe after the bees" side quest again after any rebirth? I have done 4 rebirths so far and never after any rebirth have i seen her give me the quest...
  5. ishanroyc

    Candied Riddles Event! [EU1-EU-EN]

    Event name: Candied Riddles Date- 8th May Time-19:00 CEST/17:00 GMT (GMT=Ardent Time) Venue-Ardent Castle throne room Hey EU1! Are you all ready for a fun, exciting hunt through all(okā€¦not all but still a lot!) of the Seven realms? Well get ready! Because we are bringing in a fun and amazing...
  6. ishanroyc

    Naked Shamrock Run of EU1 on US3

    The Naked Shamrock Run of EU1 on US3 was a complete success with over 60 people joining the run! Thank you to all who came to the run! Thank you to all EU1 players who made it to the Naked Shamrock Run. And thank you to all US3 players for having all of us! šŸ˜˜ We created quite a ruckus! But it...
  7. ishanroyc

    Suggestions for Mana Potions

    Right now as things stand all Mana pots do the same thing essentially; give 10% of missing mana and gives 1000 mana over time(mana over time increases x3 if out of combat) and gives a shield (number varies from lvl to lvl). As every mana pot essientially does the same thing people tend to...
  8. ishanroyc

    The Naming Game; Ranch Animals! -EU1

    Hi all of you amazing people! This is the Naming Game; Ranch animals! In this contest all you need to do is give creative names for ranch animals! Here are the ranch animals you need to name; Pig,Sheep,Chicken,Boar and Golden Sheep All you need to do is write a name in the format of ANIMAL...
  9. ishanroyc

    Raid Appreciation Post

    While I understand that the Raids Season 2 can certainly be improved but can we all just appreciate how much Raids have been improved since Season 1? I mean Raids are much more fleshed out and the new systems are incredible! The new raid exp system gives alot of exp, a lot more than previous...
  10. ishanroyc

    Bug in Mulgrew Swamps Raid

    From the moment the objective states "Enter the Glittering Cavern" there are 2 arrows when there should be points at the right direction, the other leads to a dead end. The 2 arrows continue till the objective becomes "survive the red river" Sent a Bug Report, just wanted to post the...
  11. ishanroyc

    Raids- The Fifth Child story/lore-SPOILERS

    Hi all, from what I can see many people dont do raids and hence are unable to access the story of the fifth child (every different raid completed gives a little bit more story/lore). I'm sure alot of people here are not very interested in doing 10 raids to unlock the next raids or are unable to...
  12. ishanroyc

    New Raid season bugs

    These are the bugs ive found in all of my 7 raids of Rookery; 1.In 6 person raids after 5 people have entered the raid it showed full to others wanting to join..this has happened thrice so we had to do 6 person raids with 5 people only 2.Against Lilith, Rookery raid boss when we all got out of...
  13. ishanroyc

    Beginner's guide to Lightning Warrior

    Hi all Iā€™ve seen a few guides around here but all of them are made specifically for higher level players, ofcource they touch upon the basics but its mainly for people already using the subclass for quite a while. So I'd like to make a beginner's guide to lightning warrior! (Am I qualified to...
  14. ishanroyc

    Improvements for Lightning Warrior

    Hi everyone! These are my suggestions to improve the lightning warrior class! Lightning Warriors are meant to be tanks, ofcource there is an offensive build with great sword and a mix build but i'll focus on improving the tank build only. Here are my suggestions to improve the tank lightning...
  15. ishanroyc

    Got a creative itch

    After seeing Murmandragon post a few drawings i kinda got inspired to do the same.. heres my poor attempt at some drawings :P