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  1. PlatinumPlatypus

    The Guild Hall idea

    The Quality of Life thread is full of many great and interesting ideas, but it's also hard to work through to find things already covered. I thought this was one of the more talked about ideas, so wanted it to have its own thread. Separating Guilds from Villages has a lot of good points. Right...
  2. PlatinumPlatypus

    Love for Swim Gauntlets!

    I'm delighted with the carpet and broom fly-over-water mounts. However, before they were added I bought swim gauntlets for all 5 of my toons. Right now I feel like that's mostly wasted RL money. I really hope the Devs are at least thinking of possible ways to make this RL cash expenditure not a...
  3. PlatinumPlatypus

    Please fix Dungeon UI!

    Please fix the timer so that it is lower on the screen, allowing those of us that use the large Minimap to actually see the map. Also please move the quest accept page down a bit so we can see chat. Thanks.
  4. PlatinumPlatypus

    Sugarsweet Weapons

  5. PlatinumPlatypus

    Mobile chat popup needs a filter!

    One of the reasons I really dislike running dungeons is the lack of communication I suffer from. It's not that the people involved dont communicate, rather it's that it gets lost in all the other chat. We desperately need the option to filter channels in popup for mobile. I ran the HRC tonight...
  6. PlatinumPlatypus

    Character Enchantment page glitch?

    I've had this problem since I've been playing. It would be nice to actually see all the Enchantments I have. Probably not a priority, but still.
  7. PlatinumPlatypus

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Otters and everyone! šŸ¦ƒ
  8. PlatinumPlatypus

    Current Dungeon Ideas

    When the dungeons were first introduced, they were supposed to be an alternate way to earn xp and gear for everyone. While HOS had some problems, it worked that way for most people. Lower levels could usually run with groups without too much trouble and the 80+ crowd had a way to earn some much...
  9. PlatinumPlatypus

    Caliph frustration hurting community

    The issues with the Equinox caliphs are already causing frustration and hard feelings on my server. They are far too easy to kill, and small groups or even solo players are killing them before anyone else has a chance to get there. Even when a group can assemble, they die so easily that several...
  10. PlatinumPlatypus

    Typo on some mobs in Southern Coast

    Just noticed this when running my shaman through the zone. I dont know if it's new or not, but thought I should post it.
  11. PlatinumPlatypus

    Clarification on Expansion and level cap

    In the Livestream, we were told everything but the new zones were coming in July, with the new zones to follow in August. Just to be clear, is the level cap being raised in July, or August. Thanks.
  12. PlatinumPlatypus

    Village exp Compensation Potions

    When we received the compensation gifts (super awesome, btw...thanks so much!) the Village Experience Potions weren't useable by Ardent Society Members. I just wanted to know if that was being fixed in the expansion.
  13. PlatinumPlatypus

    Loot tables glitched?

    I have been getting quite a bit of drop loot for the subclass I have no points in. On my Lightning Warrior, I spent 13 hours a few weeks ago trying, in vain, to get a lightning bolt rune. It's not that swords didnt drop, it's that over 90% of the loot that did drop was for fury. I have zero...
  14. PlatinumPlatypus

    Discord mobile not working since patch

    Discord just updated a couple hours ago for Android, and now it wont work. I re-installed it from Google, but trying to log in wont work, the keyboard keeps closing before I can type anything in. Anyone else having problems with the Android discord app, or can suggest a fix?
  15. PlatinumPlatypus

    Ardent Society Membership improvements

    Just a few ideas to improve the Membership bonuses. I'm not thinking of overpowered bonuses or anything leaning towards P2W. Just some suggestions to make the membership more attractive to a wider base. I enjoy my membership, but I think it currently offers little incentive to the more village...