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  1. Patch Notes Servers Down Thursday, Sept 16th for Small Patch

    Bought the flair a couple of days ago after seeing it in use and liking the blue/yellow combo - now it's just blue....meh Also this change seems to be missing from the patchnotes
  2. Patch Notes Patch Notes 4.62.2 - Servers Down Monday, July 12th

    The changes to Orla's Veldt don't seem to serve a purpose other than now making the raid feel overly time consuming and have made the interesting boss mechanics feel boring with them activating twice as much as before and just leading to a time-suck rather than adding a challenge
  3. Raid Season 3 Feedback

    At some point would it not be easier for you to build/fund a different game that suits all of these changes you want to every aspect of the game? :p The majority of these changes would make me less likely to participate in raids - this season feels like a good balance at the moment
  4. The Sneaky Scribbler Caption Contest

    "If I tried to describe this situation in US2 chat, I'd get a warning!"
  5. EU1/EU-EN Environment Day Screenshot Event!

    Dartrey Woods is always relaxing: Squonk
  6. Fire blast/floor damage on Empowered Anosia

    Burning to death on a part of the floor that is not on fire yet due to lag - then watching the flames appear 2 seconds after death is such fun :D
  7. Fire blast/floor damage on Empowered Anosia

    Is it a good thing that it basically discourages larger groups for inan event zone where you would normally expect to have the largest groups of any content in the game?
  8. Mana Changes Proposal 2.0

    Having to grow two sets of crops for one mana potion is just plain stupid...wish mana had just been ignored and the time put towards something else
  9. Raid Balance Changes

    Done with raids - not fun enough or worthwhile doing for the resources required. Not really interested in the group raids and solo raids just seem too unbalanced.
  10. Patch Notes Servers Down Tues, March 2nd - Patch 4.55.1

    EZ health changes are just completely pointless unless the idea was to discourage collection of cotton candy to the point that people just buy the items from store with crowns...
  11. Valentine's event?

    or a way of hinting at the zone coming in April for Easter instead :eek:
  12. Crafted Mana Potions

    Only way I could see this working is if the "mana in combat" rate was just scrapped completely and always regens at the higher "out of combat" rate
  13. Crafted Mana Potions

    By rank 20 mana pots does it mean the blighted lvl 95 recipe? (assuming it is because there are 20 mana pot recipes and that is the highest) If so it will now cost 4+ gold and blight motes per mana pot to achieve a similar result as you currently get for 10 copper. Really hoping I am...
  14. Event Zone spawns & lights

    a better solution would be to amend the timer and make it shorter by 15-30mins rather than rely on an entire server to wait and coordinate their individual timers. this still stops/discourages 99% of people getting double kills every round and doesn't lead to people missing out on runs if they...
  15. WINNERS of 12 Day Event Contests!

    Thanks for the prize and congrats to others :)
  16. Current Contest (12 Day Event) Holiday GIF Contest!

    5. That feeling when you realize you’ve been trying to enter someone else’s house or village Squonk - EU1
  17. Current Contest (12 Day Event) Holiday GIF Contest!

    1.Hanging with my guildees and in-game friends over the holidays Squonk - EU1
  18. Current Contest (12 Day Event) Holiday GIF Contest!

    3. When reindeer droppings keep landing in my in-game emails Squonk - EU1
  19. Haunted Moors Departure Date!

    Will the Christmas zone be included with the next patch or is that now going to be January?
  20. Server Reboot Weds Oct 21 for Hot Fix

    still plenty of other ways to get candy corns :D