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  1. Giruv

    US2 Raid Tournaments!

    Hey you... Yes, you! Wandering raiders of US2! Seasoned raiders, new raiders alike, all of you! Have you explore all of the raid area and the secrets within? Come have fun while proving yourself and test your teamwork skill against other raiders on the raid tournaments! Rules & Requirements In...
  2. Giruv

    Plentiful Thief

    Recently case of plentiful theft seems to be happening more often lately. There are just a few players (like 1-2 players) that do this, but they've been doing this repeatedly for a while. They will wait behind the gatherer and "forcefully" steal the plentiful we are gathering at in between the...
  3. Giruv

    Improvement for Class that Can't Use Shield

    Nowadays I find class with shield just have a pretty big advantage in survivability and just get more raw stats compared to class who can't use them. In the past class without shield like like Hunter can get an extra rune on their weapon. I believe it was called Rapid Fire back then and now...
  4. Giruv

    Empowered Ladder Guide (not finished yet))

    General Suggestion: When you running from the runes on the floor always try to run straight ahead, don't strafe left, right, or backward since you'll move much slower when you strafe. Having Consumables like breakfast, dinner, and liberty dram gonna give you bigger margin of error. Magic...
  5. Giruv

    Forum Save Draft Feature for New Thread

    For some reason I just found out there is a save draft function for creating a new thread in the Forum. Trying to use it to create one of the longer post after a few days it turns some of the saved picture turn into broken attachment link and few more days the whole draft is gone, which is...
  6. Giruv

    A Singing Guide for Warrior

    I'm not sure if this can be called a guide, because my intention is to make more of a showcase on what the build can do. This build is known with many names Angry Bard, Warcry Warrior, Singing Warrior, and more! It's been my favorite build for a long time and wish to have a Choir of Singing...
  7. Giruv

    Raid Daily and Weekly Reward NPC

    Right now daily and weekly reward automatically applied when you finish a raid whenever the reward is off cooldown. In some scenario it often felt bad helping other lower tier run, because it felt like I want to keep my daily especially weekly reward for when I do higher tier run. Would it be...
  8. Giruv

    Aggro Bug when Enemy Spawn Adds.

    At first I thought this is Grinchta only, when he summon his guardian, he and his spawn change aggro to random person ignoring the person with the highest threat. Lately it also happen a lot in raid like on Egan fight where he summons toads, Amelia's spiderling, etc. Because it often cause the...
  9. Giruv

    Mana Management Preference

    With the recent post about proposed mana potion change, I wonder how many player actually like to do mana management and how many prefer to be able to just spam all their spell all the time without having to think about mana.
  10. Giruv

    Enemy become Aegis when standing to close

    When we are standing to close to the enemy, the enemy often can't hit back and go into aegis. This often happen when we use charge like ability because it put us into a very close position to the enemy or a fight that force player to move a lot. Would it be possible to program the enemy to move...
  11. Giruv

    Return the previous stat UI

    I feel like this change is misleading and actually do more harm than good. The way stats works don't change at all. All that happen is that these information (marked with red) got removed from the stats interface. Some of the Issues that arise. Evaluating gear accurately become impossible to...
  12. Giruv

    Voidstrike on spell with "multiple" damage.

    On spell that have multiple damage number such as Murder and Raging Blow, which deal different damage according enemy HP, voidstrike damage always use the low(damage above the HP treshold) for the voidstrike calculation even when. Another example are spell like Griffin Strike and Slash that do 2...
  13. Giruv

    New Player Calendar Time Limit

    Does new player calendar have time limit? I just did a tour around my toons on other server that I made just in case I want to play there. I just noticed some of them lost their new character calendar and I haven't claimed all of the reward yet. I'm sure almost all of them is made after the...
  14. Giruv

    Elder Rune on Raid and Event Zone Elder

    So I just tested the elder runes on EZ and raid elder bosses. It seems that Elder Bane and Elder Garde are not needed/working on elder bosses at both EZ and raid. I can do critical attack just find without it and doesn't receive the bonus damage when I used it. I wonder if this is intended or a...
  15. Giruv

    Pharaoh Respawn Time

    On US2 the pharaoh respawn every around 5 minutes, which felt weird. I wonder if this is bug or intended? The very short respawn time kinda cause chaos since everyone need different pharaoh, because of the different echo cooldown. It kinda seperate the players and with how tanky the pharaoh it...
  16. Giruv

    Alternative Way for Scaling

    Scaling always has been an issue on all of the scaled content like event zone and raid. A scaled zone that fit everyone is almost impossible to make, so why not let everyone scale themselves to fit the zone? The idea is to have the character several more saved built and each with a level cap...
  17. Giruv

    Some More Village Project Suggestion

    So recently we just have a great "Village designer" that change the village looks every so often and do a great work finding great combination that looks awesome. Seeing that we hope to be able to see even more possibilities in it. Few suggestion we discussed are Village Music, After a while...
  18. Giruv

    Interrupted Spell

    When a targeted enemy dies, while a spell is being casted, the spell become interrupted and put into a few second cooldown. Overall this make sense so I don't waste mana and cooldown of the spell, but when the spell that is casted is a heal or an AoE spell that don't use targeting this spell...
  19. Giruv

    Level 80 and 85 Elders HP need adjustment

    Both 80 and 85 elder HP need some adjustment because right now the HP of lvl 80 Elder (5.2M) is higher than level 85 Elder (3.7M)
  20. Giruv

    Varying Damage Type

    I've wanted to share my opinion about this topic for a while, but don't have the motivation to write a long post about this until the last live stream which spark my interest again. So here we go again... Talking about balancing that never ends. Which class is overpowered? Which class is...