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  1. PlatinumPlatypus

    Labelling Gear Levels

    I still have 3 vault pages of gear saved "just in case" there is a new rebirth added at some point. I have all of it lined up in order of level. I hit the auto sort once and ended up spending far too much time reorganizing them. I definitely understand the desire for an easier way to identify gear.
  2. PlatinumPlatypus

    Servers not available - Wednesday, October 13th

    My alt in Renegade village also gets booted back to login screen. My chars in Tempest village and the Oasis hang up at the traveling screen. My char in Zorian Bountylands got in. Update, my char in the EZ was able to log in. I didn't try changing zones with him.
  3. PlatinumPlatypus

    Suggestion for improving crafting and adding value to the village side of the game.

    My biggest complaint with crafting is we have absolutely no say in the final product. It's completely RNG, with a fixed number of possible Stats. I could grind out 10k of any particular item, and the last item would have the same chance of being what I want as the 50th. I would love the...
  4. PlatinumPlatypus

    Patch Notes Servers Down Thursday, Sept 16th for Small Patch

    On a somewhat related note, I think dual tone flairs are a great idea! I would love a Moors flair with a brown name and orange guild tag. And Grinchta flair with a green name and red guild tag. Just an idea.
  5. PlatinumPlatypus

    Pyramid of Anuk'Amon

    I like that the Pyramid is a bit confusing at first. The fossils can take a while to complete...on one of my chars I had over 300 rubble before I finished. The Guardians can be overpowered for lower level chars. And that stun is way too long. The boss on the left that stuns hits with it too...
  6. PlatinumPlatypus

    Servers Down Wednesday 8th for Equinox Patch!

    Just a FYI, a lot of people have been confused about the new quests. It's not spelled out clearly you need to do the quest to open the Pyramid to get the new quests. It's led to a lot of questions. Love the new Pyramid though. Cool area. The ladder was fun. I kinda wish it was longer ;)
  7. PlatinumPlatypus

    Saving Marvel-ous Private Otter Event!

    For your final challenge...Keep Private Otter alive during Okyris with his fire runes!:ROFLMAO:
  8. PlatinumPlatypus

    Red prince fell

    Odd spawn for him...I think he usually goes up on the stage when he's invulnerable.
  9. PlatinumPlatypus

    Quest Items

    And it sold stuff we needed, or at least the Salt Sanity recipe.
  10. PlatinumPlatypus

    The Guild Hall idea

    I understand what you are saying, Zaphyra, but how does that help small Guilds? Families or groups of friends that only have 10 or 15 people? They will almost never be able to control a village even if they wanted to. As it is now, they receive no real benefit from Guild other than the social...
  11. PlatinumPlatypus

    The Guild Hall idea

    Guild Halls would be separate from villages. You could access them from a portal in Ardent/Summers or teleport there like a zone. It wouldn't take traffic away from the village, because guild members could live in "any" village. With the Guild Hall being completely separate, they could even...
  12. PlatinumPlatypus

    The Guild Hall idea

    The Quality of Life thread is full of many great and interesting ideas, but it's also hard to work through to find things already covered. I thought this was one of the more talked about ideas, so wanted it to have its own thread. Separating Guilds from Villages has a lot of good points. Right...
  13. PlatinumPlatypus

    Idol of Zoria

    The Slime Covered Scale should get removed when you complete the quest for the Benefactress to get the Key of the North.
  14. PlatinumPlatypus

    Raid: Option for Guild Raid

    Can you make it so Guild members are considered Friends? That way guilds don't need to worry about whether they are "Friends" with the other members. They would automatically be considered Friends for the Raid.
  15. PlatinumPlatypus

    Damage Charts

    In the ladder, the threat chart resets after you zone to the new boss. That might be why you didn't see it earlier.
  16. PlatinumPlatypus

    Patch Notes Servers Down Thursday, May 13th for Small Build

    The Sprig is available in the crown store right now as a permanent's even on sale! So is the Rose.
  17. PlatinumPlatypus

    Bring Back Some Legacy Items

    The Bottomless Half Heal is still on the calendar, I have it on 3 chars. One potential shop item might be the Golden Ranch Tools. Especially if they are account bound so all the chars can use them.
  18. PlatinumPlatypus

    Patch Notes Servers Down Thursday, May 13th for Small Build

    I love the new Empowered Ladder! Awesome job Sean! The mechanics could use a few tweaks, but it's a lot more interesting and fun!
  19. PlatinumPlatypus

    Fire blast/floor damage on Empowered Anosia

    At least for Anosia that might be best. When your survival depends on running around, having obstacles in the way is not a good thing.
  20. PlatinumPlatypus

    William Hououin’ videos !

    Just so you know, the house quest starts with Donald the NPC next to the portal.:) Another great video!