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  1. AZERTY keyboards do not work for action keybinds 11 to 17

    I asked in the chat and people told me that the ^ symbol corresponds to SHIFT so key 11 is SHIFT+NumPad1. Problem is that when using SHIFT+ Num1 it just does LShift. trying to remove the key or to the contrary add one demonstrates that the SHIFT key is always perceived as LShift only despite any...
  2. Disable chat bubbles for all channels except /say

    it looks weird when someone talks alone near you. chat bubble are good for roleplay, we use them for /say only and we alternate with short descriptions in the form of customized or not emotes. even /party is a meta channel and should not be displayed in chat bubbles.
  3. [Rant] About White Bear, House Styles, Item Preview, Event Quests,.. all useless sources of disappointments.

    Hi all, Nice game overall, special mention on the writing for the quests. Though .. 1 When I discovered the bear reward for the event were going to be pink (bad surprise but not that big) I thought: alright, I have played for a week, let's reward the job done with a few bucks: I bought the...
  4. [Housing] What is that Foundation paint? How to acquire it? [Solved]

    Can't find it in the House Style panel. Edit: that's woodland style + woodland paint set (light stone). Available only on PC. thanks guys o/
  5. [Event St Valentine] Searching for candy

    Find Demetri Pindle's Box of Candy .. is such a chore that it almost killed my envy to play that game and it's shame as the first 8 days were nice. prior to the event my envy was at 100% (7 days) and now it's around 5-7%. So I decided to stop picking that quest because it's so depressive to...
  6. /say channel [edited: already implemented on PC]

    Edit 2: Thanks to Majenta who taught me there's already a "/say blablabla" command on PC. Now I feel like a tart but our friends on other platforms might need this /say too.. way to comfort meself. Greetings, We can already create some custom emote with "/e blablabla" but unfortunately we...