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  1. Jolon

    Channels for EZ Boss Announcement

    I thought a poll of current ez boss announcement preferences might give the devs a more tangible idea than trying to swim through prior forum posts. So in a lovely civilized and organized manner, please vote for your favorite choice. Note: this is only for where announcements appear in chat...
  2. Jolon

    Elixir of Reaping

    Has anyone noticed a bug while using an Elixir of Reaping regarding number of times supplies drop while gathering? I ran an experiment today when I checked my supply find chance after downing an elixir: I had a 50% supply find chance with it, verda, and a lvl 75 triad with crown tools equipped...
  3. Jolon

    Bardic Impositions on a Riff of the Vale

    A recounting of a premonitional bardic duet from two natives of the Land of US3 🎵🎶: Impresario: WTB Apple Crisps, will be tomorrow’s theme, when all of us caught unprepared begin to yell and scream. We’ll hear the cries from those quite new when they see the bounty list, and realize that...
  4. Jolon

    V&H Art Appreciation

    There have been many moments perambulating through the realms where I am awed by the beautiful landscape. As a fervent journeyman explorer I want to share this with others, and see the sights that bring you joy. Thus have I created this magical device through which we can share our images. Like...