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  1. Lady Thacyk

    Mount Ideas

    -Moon Nip -Hellcat I would really love to see a Pumpkin Horse (orange body, green mane/tail, eyes glow orange- a Jack'O'Horse if you will) during the Halloween Event Zone
  2. Lady Thacyk

    Twilight Vale: A Story

    Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Prisma. She was named Prisma, because when she was born her eyes reflected the colors of a rainbow. Her mother fell ill around her 8th birthday and soon after passed away. Prisma's father, the king, went to the nearest Kingdom and started...
  3. Lady Thacyk

    Quest Zingara-Please Instance Loot

    I was running Bloodstone (just opened it last night-was super excited) And because i was running it with the hubby, we had to kill Zingara that spawned with the quest. And I was able to get the drop, but he was not... which means that we are going to have to wait to continue with the quest stuff...
  4. Lady Thacyk

    Dungeon... It. Is. Not. Getting. Better.

    Okay so, here's the thing.. Dungeon first came out; AWESOME! Great for group running, fun for ALL levels. Yay! Dungeon after its first "fix"; harder than hell, no one wants to even attempt to try and run it. only really able to with certain level players (all around same level aka level 90s)...