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  1. Vale Changes Feedback

    I've already decided to aim for a lower reward with the tears as I don't have 35+ days of non-stop grinding to dedicate to it. If everything is going to take 2-3 times longer to kill for no additional rewards I'm glad I decided to not aim for the mounts! I'll be grabbing the boar and leaving...
  2. The Sneaky Scribbler Caption Contest

    I don't care if it says the ride is for kids...I want to ride the horsey! Squonk (EU1)
  3. Small Fix Today

    Don't think it worked for the gardening
  4. Shadow of the Eclipse - Report Bugs Here!

    Vendor sell menu doesn't split items by bag anymore. Mote/COG Vendor opens with buying a full stack as a default option - could lead to someone spending 800+ gold by mistake if clicking quickly
  5. New Interface

    Agreed on it being a good change on the info on the tooltips :) Any chance of an opacity slider in settings for the loot items though? they kind of block everything on the screen when you get a few loot items at once
  6. Miracle Water (Mobile)

    From patch notes: Miracle Water and Super Feed can now be more easily purchased right from the interaction popup. Is there any setting available to remove this or toggle it on/off from the gardening/ranching on mobile? It is already annoying having it at the top of the list and suggesting...