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  1. Panthera

    V&H Event Committee

    We appreciate the game mods just as much (especially since they often get drafted by Sarah if there is a need of a few more volunteers) :D
  2. Panthera

    Current Contest Pirate Otter and the Lost Treasure of the Dunes!

    and no buffs except the buffs (like shielding) that are on the dropped gear.
  3. Panthera

    Current Contest Pirate Otter and the Lost Treasure of the Dunes!

    as a former otter I can tell you he needs the whole team with him, if it is like previous years he has to pick up certain pieces of gear but can not always equipt it I ran around gearless and only in skivvies as all the gear I had to pick up I could not equip.
  4. Panthera

    V&H Event Committee

  5. Panthera

    Current Contest Pirate Otter and the Lost Treasure of the Dunes!

    @Sultan us3 has had fantastic turn outs to this event since it came on line you will be surprised. I WAS a private otter volunteer on us3 the first year after it came on line and one other time since. Please Do sign up ( that first private otter event was crucial to me jumping at the chance to...
  6. Panthera

    V&H Event Committee

    Welcome to the Crazy behind the scenes Fun Perlio, Jolon, Demiurgos glad to have you with us :D
  7. Panthera

    WINNERS of the Flying Carpet Lottery!

    Congratulations to the winners
  8. Panthera

    Greetings from... Mars?

    All up & down the West coast I think, we have been having record breaking heat down here as well as smoke so bad that the street lights stay on. Definitely a Martian sky (though today where I am at we had our typical area wind tunnel effect that cleared the sky enough to see a blueish tint in...
  9. Panthera

    Drops from mobs and bosses.

    I am a holy priest I did a round of Oblivion the majority of what I got was Shadow gear , then holy , classless, priest no subclass, Some other class I that order.
  10. Panthera

    EZ consumables remaining in game 7 days after EZ is removed

    I found myself under severe time constraints once again during this EZ. So had to spend every spare moment I could doing the quests, killing the bosses/ elders trying to gain enough event currency to attempt to get my desired reward. It left me no time to use my aquired event sockets (one of...
  11. Panthera

    Fan Friday Fan Friday August 7 - 14

    Wow!!! Wonderful entries this week congrats winners
  12. Panthera

    Fan Friday July 31 - August 7

    Wonderful entries congrats everyone & Bubbles is so o o cute
  13. Panthera

    Fan Friday July 24 - July 31

    Awesome Entries congrats to the winners
  14. Panthera

    Fan Friday Fan Friday July 17 - 24

    Congrats everyone
  15. Panthera

    I found a lobster

    It's in marigold harbor out in the water
  16. Panthera

    Chat Restriction

    So don't start a new character for a bit if you want to talk to friends of your main 😁 Hoping for a speedy implementation for your sake Sarah
  17. Panthera

    Server Reboot Tuesday, August 4th

    Finished ladder just in the nick of time whew
  18. Panthera

    Chanteuse Event Teams

    Are the bars even open where you are at Sarah? I would Settle for Starbucks lobby open for seating!🍮
  19. Panthera

    Our New US2 Moderator!

    Congratulations tomgtu
  20. Panthera

    Fan Friday Fan Friday June 5 - 7

    :eek: WOW the Entries this week Amazing