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  1. Panthera

    EZ consumables remaining in game 7 days after EZ is removed

    I found myself under severe time constraints once again during this EZ. So had to spend every spare moment I could doing the quests, killing the bosses/ elders trying to gain enough event currency to attempt to get my desired reward. It left me no time to use my aquired event sockets (one of...
  2. Panthera

    2 Scarlet Islands

    Notice there is a Scarlet Island listed on the middle of the world map that is landlocked
  3. Panthera

    Prisma a No show on US1

    I have been in the game for over 3 hours now and there has been no prisma spawn in vale on Us1
  4. Panthera

    Friends list suggestion

    with the coming of the shaman classes and the extra character slots many of us would like to add our friends alts to our friends list as well, because of that there is a need for one of the 2 following options 1> a larger friends list than there is currently 2> all characters on the same account...
  5. Panthera

    Question to Ivar or Diet or ???

    After watching the part of last Friday's live stream I missed, I have a question directly related to the new start area. you said rebirthed players or anyone who was in summers hollow would not redo that area. What about players that are in gilly tunnel at the time the new area goes live? will...
  6. Panthera

    ***** ATTENTION Some important information about the January Premium Item on the Calandar.

    I found out that GALLAYWAG'S LOCKER WILL NOT give you an extra Vault if you already have 28 vaults (sorry gang no 29th vault). so because it becomes soulbound upon Assembly DO NOT redeem it on a character that already has the maximum number (28) of vaults
  7. Panthera

    Starter gear disappears when buy upgrade after creating a character

    I created a 5th character Keri Kittyfeathers and made her a shadow priest then bought the priest upgrade. the priest upgrade auto equipped and now the starter shadow gear has disappeared (a bag of holy gear was in my bags but do not know if that was there before I did the upgrade) is that...