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  1. Avenian

    Thank You Secret Santa

    My Secret Santa gave me some great mats that I will be able to put to good use. Thank you!!!! Also, a big thanks to the Otters and elves that helped organized and ran the event...Cheers to you too!!!!
  2. Avenian

    Quest Item Timer

    The quest "Lessons in Translation" requires you to collect 100 Death Warg Haunches and they have a timer of about 29 mins before they spoil. The timer will reset when you switch zones. However, if you have a full stack of haunches and a second stack, the full stack timer did not reset while...
  3. Avenian

    Thanks, Secret Santa!!!

    A big thanks to my Secret Santa for the great gifts. Also, a huge CHEERS to all those involved in running the event!!!