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    What are y'all doin' since game has been down?

    1) Tried finding a new game to lessen withdrawal... Nope! 2) Visited past games, RuneScape, Celtic Hero’s, AQ3D ... Nope! 3) Gave serious thought to cleaning closets, drawers, etc ... Nope! 4) Reading a book .... *shrugs* 5) No more all-nighters, catch up on lost sleep? .... YEPPERS!! ???
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    A Huge THANK YOU to Mad Otter

    I’m a new player, still on the noob calendar, still learning the many aspects of the game, so this hack will probably cause me to try and relearn what I was learning. I have been so profoundly impressed with both the Mad Otter group and the player community in general through this difficult...
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    All my informative posters in one place

    New member here ... I am truly touched by the memorial and this community in general. I feel I’ve missed out by not finding this game 5 yrs ago. I have seen you in game William, and have noticed your kindness to all players. I hope to become a better player and a future member of this...