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    PubQuiz on EU1, Saturday July 18th @ 19:00 Ardent Time

    if it is a pub quizz we prob run towards it and crawl back home šŸ˜
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    Tamed Zombie Mount

    had max rep at around 543, might be off a few becouse i looked the moment i had the message for it. My rep atm is over 1000 with all 4
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    Elder Crowns Replacement Ideas

    Alot of commands are about the red doubloons, why not make it more simple by rewarding a red key of darrig? This way the elderlev is also a bit a camble what you wil get
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    Shivergear options?

    In the pyrron zones we had a simular debuff, and that one is removed, why not the one in shiver? that is only 1 zone, pyrron zones where alot of them
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    Optional PVP? Maybe an Arena style? Group pvp?

    This game was ment to be pve only, classes are not balanced and players here want it to be like it is. I do not want to chase ppl away from it but, if you want pvp in a game, you chosen the wrong one to play.
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    Event Zone Behavior

    Some ppl just don't give a (****) and even there are rumors that there are players who enter with 3-4 accounts and kill eventbosses alone and whitout any warning. (Note: RUMORS, not prooven)
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    Dungeon Ideas

    Those timers are the reason i NEVER enter dungeons, if there is 1 thing i HATE in games then it is timer quests. Also it was said once that dungeons would be optional, but ā€¦ The final quest where you must kill the L95 elders IS IN A FREEKIN DUNGEON!!
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    Nyxxe , EU1

    Shocked to hear and all got my sympathy. As a long term player i knew alot of ppl and Nyxxe was one that Always was able to brighten a sad day, she wil be greatly missed. A icon left, but the memory wil be as solid as granit to me.
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    The teleport malfunction!

    you should bugraport this ingame, not on forums so it wil be seen by the right ppl
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    Herb quest

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    bugraport down (again)

    The bugraport system realy needs a checkup, i can almost never make bugraports
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    Guild Leaders

    I have been in that position before, our guildleader was offline for a very long time and i made a CS-ticket with the request to take over leadership and sent a personal mail to the old leader. In sertain conditions they can transferr leadership as they have done for me
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    char stays ïn combat"during event runs

    wel why does it last from the bones inc till the exit portal then??
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    char stays ïn combat"during event runs

    every time a incarnation is killed in the eventzone my char stays "in combat" and i cant mount, teleport or leave the zone, i have to force leave combat using preparednes And my bugraport also does never work ingame
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    Shaman Names

    you should place this one on the fan friday