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  1. Zeph

    Patch 4.35 - (The Holiday Build) Patch Notes

    At each follow point where Tianma appears, she will remain visible for ~12% longer. At each follow point where Tianma appears, players will have ~30% more time to reach the location to continue the quest. This from patch notes.
  2. Zeph

    Well Wishes Diet

    Thank you for all you have done and I hope you will be happy in your new job! Best wishes to you and your family.
  3. Zeph

    Changes to Vendor's "Sell all gems" button (PC only)

    I sold the Gortrin map , luckily I had a spare in vault and didn't need it , I know it isn't that hard to find but that shouldn't have been taken.
  4. Zeph

    Quest Suggestion: The Blessings of Tianma

    Thanks for listening, I will try again with the xmas build, and practice with the help of the map.
  5. Zeph

    Quest Suggestion: The Blessings of Tianma

    Tried all that, having arthritis in my hands doesn't help , but congrats to those that finished it.
  6. Zeph

    Quest Suggestion: The Blessings of Tianma

    ok 7 times, lost it over the water every time, this is not fun, not enjoyable and I feel like throwing the computer out the window with the game. No more herbs, will take 3 days to grow again with the time I have to play. Why did you have to put this quest in ? It doesn't just slow me it...
  7. Zeph

    Quest Suggestion: The Blessings of Tianma

    If we have to have this type of timed race in the game, then please let it be a side quest, not necessary to progress in the story line. We don't all have nimble fingers, fast reactions or high spec computers! I hate racing games, never could do well in them and was so glad to find a game...
  8. Zeph

    Salvage Kit Charges

    I used to always salvage gear that was unwanted, after 5*ing armour I can no longer afford to buy the salvage kits. Selling to npc's just isn't enough to compensate. More charges on the kits would at least help crafters. I make at least 70 items sometimes more to get the stats I need, but...
  9. Zeph

    Salty Santiy Lvl95 quest, pls help

    Cannot see your pages
  10. Zeph

    About the Blighted Isles update...

    Difficulty level for my fire wiz is just right, with ice floes on staff I manage to stay alive in Oblivion, unless I lose concentration or get interrupted ...then I have died a few times!
  11. Zeph

    About the Blighted Isles update...

    After thinking how dark the new zones were and that I wouldn't enjoy them, I have to admit to being wrong! Apart from the red which I do find tiring, I love the new zones! So apologies for jumping to conclusions and well done devs!
  12. Zeph

    New Ardent Society Membership Plan

    (y) 🙂
  13. Zeph

    Thank you Otters!

    I might not like all the changes but after 8 years I'm still here and still love the game and awesome community, and I'm sure the next 8 years will be equally enjoyable! Thanks for all you do!
  14. Zeph

    is this a bug ?

    one of my toons was in moors before the last reboot with small patch and ended in Summers. I think I read somewhere this would happen after a patch you default to summers from an event zone?