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  1. Fury Warrior

    Great swords are 2 handers. He weilds it in 1 hand which looks silly lol Idk y
  2. Fury Warrior

    Give him a greatsword or duel swords. It looks odd seeing him with 1 sword. Duel swords could be 60% stats of each sword giving a small dmg buff since fury is dps.
  3. Become a Villagers & Heroes Influencer

    I plan on grinding to the 50 subscriber mark!
  4. Elder Boss Rework

    I agree
  5. Elder Boss Rework

    Well thats the point is to get more people grouped to have a proper fight. And the idea of an unscaled option just to proceed with the quest would be available if a party is unable to be formed at that time. The boss respawning issue isnt going to happen cause the elder bosses are instanced...
  6. Buy power loading screen

    Im not quite sure on what that looked like but this point blank says this game is p2w... Which to be fair you can buy direct upgrades behind a paywall. So by definition it kimda is.
  7. Buy power loading screen

    Remove this loading screen 😂😂😂
  8. New Content Creator!

    When gamer's look for other games to play, they typically will hit up youtube or twitch. Right now we don't have any active content creators for this hidden gem. Now my last post i made was on my mobile browser and it somehow remembered my log information to a different forum account i made a...
  9. Content Creation

    I'm not sure where to post this but i have started making content for the game on youtube and i occasionally stream, my schedule is kinda hectic so i post when i can. I noticed there isnt any content creators for this game, and when players look to play a game thats usually there first stop is...
  10. Elder Boss Rework

    At the moment the low/mid tier elder boss's really suck. There not really solo-able unless you just out level the boss by a lot. I get there suppose to be group content material but the game doesn't support the player base to have a regular amount of (insert level here) to kill elder bosses...