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    There is no benefit from raising ranching above 40

    Higher level items give more exp to the animals than lower level items
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    Why new contents must come with lvl cap raising?

    You can always make the lvl95 blighted gear from the blighted recipes you can buy from blight recipe vendors with blight medallions found in the blighted isles (can you say blight ten times fast:p) the runes go up above 95, just like normal crafting does. The main reason that most 95s use...
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    Ultimate:Unstable Power doesn't consume all curses

    The % chance to detonate is that % chance for each curse. So it's not all of them will detonate, it's each individual curse has the % chance to detonate. If gloom or corrupted plague (or etc.) never seems to detonate, that's just your luck. All curses have equal chance to detonate, so sometimes...
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    Mail to guild

    I don't understand why (how?) people were upset about the friend notifications... If anything, it made the game significantly more engaging. I'm a lot better when I play on mobile, but there's a reason I play pretty much exclusively on my laptop these days. But yes... checkboxes for all kinds of...
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    Level 75 - 85 Content Suggestions

    Bump :p my priest alt is currently in Bevyn's Coille and, well... Each daily is 6,000 exp. The required 35 tokens gives 210,000 exp in daily quests. Which out of the required 17.5m needed to hit 77? You gotta get those 35 tokens over 83 times! Not fun. Maybe bump these to 60,000 exp per daily...
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    Default Server

    Hi... Can US2 please please please be default again? The server is really becoming somewhat stagnant because there's literally no one else to recruit to guilds and such as people become inactive again. We're not getting enough new players and it's honestly really frustrating... And I know I...
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    Level 90 Elder Frags

    hmm or maybe stick the four on another island in blight bay? or maybe one on each of the little islands? (not one on each big island, it would be too late by then) could be some fun content, or a set-up for server-wide weekly 90s runs? (aka more community content)
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    Calendar rewards New player calendar as well as monthly calendar rewards.

    And just so you know, every month has the same calendar. The only parts that change are if the month has 30/31/28 days, and each month has a different special big reward (like the four tattered faun cloaks, but different ones for different toys/outfits/useful items every month) and the pattern...
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    Fire wizard vs Shadow priest

    they both are played VERRYYYY differently, but it just has to do with class balancing and the numbers. Both have different play styles though, where fire wizards are more glass cannon blaze through everything with true aoes and single targets and burning, while shadow priests are more DoTs that...
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    Doorway to Icarus in Catacombs

    I have noticed the same thing, I got stuck in a H13 solo on my wiz earlier, but then I did a gold on my baby priest just now and got through no issue. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
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    Cant Heal Self

    Instant cast ones don't fizzle, but I can confirm frost nova for example does fizzle. All feats fizzle when a mob dies. Some spells like the warcries have such a short cast time that it doesn't really even have time to fizzle, and feats like thunderbolt that do have a cast time that is short but...
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    Please don't make Will,Clarity and Intellect meaningless any more!

    That's what I have done on my hybrid wizard main- to use 5 pots maximum at elders while still being top 5 dps, I have a set of MF rings with will preps on them, a talent setup I use for soloing raids that has 15 in mana (and points in stuff that is not just pure dps), non-blighted buffs, and I...
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    from joining someone else's raid
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    A New Addition to Our Otter Team

    Welcome back ASDF! Feel free to mail me, Sumia, if you need anything or have any questions! It's always wonderful to see old names return ☺
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    Patch Notes Servers Down Wednesday, May 4th for Patch 4.77.2

    only one new one has been added so far, Gift of Life from the mask with Vigor.