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    Vote for the new Twilight Vale outfits here!

    It sure would be awesome for a Water Shaman to have outfit number 3, Cerulean Scaled Armor. I would definitely love this outfit on my Water Shaman! Outfit number 6, Torrential Royalty, looks amazing too!
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    Suggestions for 2021 'Quality of Life Build'

    Oops, and here I am lol I would like more forms of interaction and things that encourage it. For example, there are establishments in the city of Ardent from which it is possible to access its interior, something similar to the drink tavern on the Route of the Merchants. Imagine just setting up...
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    Gathering bans.

    I was unfairly banned while collecting. You can't really see the exhausted collection point, make it red then! Ridiculous this system of banishment, innocent people are being harmed
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    Private Otter's 1001 Arabian Nights!

    StarkerBR US1 Lvl 68 Wizard (ice)