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    Delay in skill response time

    Hi, I don't know if this is something that bothers you too. However, I always feel a strong delay in the response time of the skills. And sometimes it happens that I click and Brutal Force doesn't activate, and this harms my entire skill sequence. I don't know how the skills response system...
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday Feb 2 - 9

    Wooow this fan friday outdid itself, very good!!
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    Part 2 Shadow Priest Full Damage

    One more video!! =)
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    Best DPS class

    Hunters need time to maximize their damage. These days monster hordes die too quickly, hunters can't take advantage of their long-term poisoning. Because the hunter is unable to take advantage of the maximum damage potential of his class, it ends up being one of the classes with the least damage...
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    Best DPS class

    Each class has its own strengths in specific situations. Some are better when there are many monsters together, others are better in single target... I will make a ranking of the best classes for total damage in Run Elders 95: 1 - Fire Mage 2 - Shadow Priest 3 - Ice Mage 4 - Fury Warrior 5 -...
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    Shadow Priest Full Damage in Run Elders 95

    Hi, I decided to make a video playing a little at run elders 95 with my Shadow Priest =)
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    Hi, today I was here with nothing important to do, so I decided to play around a little testing how tough an Earth Shaman could be and if he would actually solo an Elder 95 =)
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    Class balancing

    I leveled a fire mage to lvl 95, and in the first run I was already dealing more damage than my Shadow Priest
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    Class balancing

    I haven't migrated yet because I'm traveling and I haven't played this month of December. Now in January I will migrate. However, a Shadow Priest member of my Void guild has already migrated to us3, find out about the performance of the Lilith player. What is your name on us3?
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    Class balancing

    I come back here to say that my point of view regarding class balancing has changed. I agree that each class should have damage potential based on the class's other characteristics. If a Shadow Priest has much more healing and survivability potential than the Mage, then his maximum damage...
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    Patch Notes The Haunted Moors!

    I noticed that my DarkFrost skill has a 5.6s cooldown, and the Dark Accelerent passive only lasts 10s and has a 40% chance of failure. It seems very difficult to reach 10% of my stack in a hurry, or to maintain it for a long time, because if there is a failure this could make me lose my stack...
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    Class balancing

    I believe that the tanker's aggro should not be generated from Ability Power (elemental domain). The threat increase in skills should be based on the amount of Defense he has. The more Defense he has, the greater the threat power of the skills will be. Because the threat power of skills that...
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    I'm showing my lightning warrior build

    I found this message offensive and unnecessary. Please let's behave like adults and talk properly. Otherwise, an administrator will intervene. Krus' build is focused on the Elders 95 race and some other content, and with this build he can tank anything or bosses. And the focus is to maximize...
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    I'm showing my lightning warrior build

    This post is about build tanking. Your friend doesn't really have as good stats as Krus, but his stat build isn't bad. But I noticed that he uses several Rage skills. It would also be important to observe his Talent points. But based on the skills he uses, I can say that he is not completely...
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    Class balancing

    I believe the game has both competitive players and casual players who don't compete. The game has to suit both, not just players who play casually. I'm not going to abandon a game that I've been playing since 2012 and that I love just because it doesn't have PVP. I like the fact that the game...