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  1. The Sneaky Scribbler Caption Contest

    I’ve finally got my treant costume! Now what else is on my bucket list?
  2. The Sneaky Scribbler Caption Contest

    Uh-oh! Ashen Nightmare is going to be jealous! snow berry snowberry US3
  3. The Sneaky Scribbler Caption Contest

    Beauty and the beast snowberry and snow berry, US3
  4. The Sneaky Scribbler Caption Contest

    Note to self: Never let your little brother borrow your phone to call his friend. He will use crowns and now this happens. Snow berry, snowberry US3
  5. Medallion vendor screwup

    I wanted to convert the lower silver medallions into more green ones. To do that, you click miscellaneous, and then you *need* to click one more item (green triumph medallion). If you forget that last part, you end up “purchasing“ more dark stones that should be free, and it actually ends up...
  6. Medallion vendor screwup

    I learned I could convert the silver courage medallions to green triumph medallions. I managed that just fine. Then I wanted to convert those triumph medallions so I could open up more of the depths. Only I ended up spending the whole lot on Agari Dark Stones (33 of them)! Ouch! I’ll start a CS...
  7. Golden Sheeps

    Adameon, I find I can’t have enough vault and bag space. Between needing room for gathering from plenties and loot from mobs/bounties and quest items, it seems I’m always looking for more space. Vaults and bags can be purchased from other players or with real money (using crowns).
  8. Bug Reports vs CS Tickets

    I have yet to figure out how to attach a screenshot to a bug report. When I try, it says I can’t, not supported, or something. Whatever, it doesn’t look like you allow it. It‘s always baffled me why you’d set it up like that. Then I wonder if it’s because I’m on an iPad.
  9. Golden Sheeps

    My golden sheep says level 44, and under that it says maximum level. So I tried to sell it. The game wants to give me 80 gold back. That’s no profit! I’d like to see this wonderful profit you’re talking about. Is it bug report time (again)?
  10. Valasha Conquest Medallion Vendor in the depths trashed or sold my quest item

    Edit: I was writing this while you were writing your response, Majenta. I will do just that, thank you! I’ve done more digging in my bags. I spent a few hours today collecting coral shards and pelog oil, and I also had some seas eye shards stored up which were all needed to complete a quest in...
  11. Valasha Conquest Medallion Vendor in the depths trashed or sold my quest item

    Item missing is the borrowed necklace from Baldur in Terriatrias Reef, and possibly other quest items and who knows what else ? I’m not sure what point there is in letting an NPC determine what’s trash to a player (it leaves other items of little value, but deletes quest items). I sure won’t be...