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    A quick review of “hard” content

    I have been following this and based on comment I think rather then something harder it is the game needs to be more challenging for the more developed players. Perhaps something that isn't the same every time a player runs. Something that uses skills a players has but if player doesn't have...
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    Compensation Gifts for Recent Game Issues

    Thank you so much it is appreciated.
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    Compensation for All Players

    Thank you Otters so generous
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    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Thank you and Happy Valentines day to all.
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    Please Make the Blighted Isles Beautiful!

    I have no problem with dreary or scary but I don't want to have to adjust my brightness and the terrain every time I go to a new zone in an effort to see.
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    New Rebirthing Idea!

    I rebirthed one of my toons at 30 and I must say I hated it and decided not to rebirth any others but my main toon I play hit 95 and found blighted isle to be a terrible zone and got extremely frustrated with it. One of my guildies suggested rebirthing her I was very skeptical about doing it...
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    Current Contest Secret Santa Event 2020

    Thank you secret Santa for your most generous gift. Wishing you and yours a very Merry and Blessed Xmas.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving Otters and thank you for all you do
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    Bye for now!!

    Oh no! you will be missed Pookey. Take care my friend.
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    Father's Day Treats!

    Thank you so much Otters and Happy Fathers day all
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    Taking care of mom

    Gentle reminders as to why they are there helps as they forget why they are there.
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    Taking care of mom

    I found that putting a little sugar free flavoring or juice in the water helped also I switched to smaller bottles or glasses not so overwhelming for him. The key to not getting angry is that you are now dealing with two personalities your loved one and the diseased personality. Most important...
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    Game Degradation

    i don't mean to be rude but maybe this game isn't right for you.
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    FREE St. Patrick’s Day Gifts!

    Thank you so much