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    Servers Down Monday, July 13th

    All servers are back up now. We can confirm that for SAC players, it will take longer than usual, and you might find yourselves stuck in a downloading loop. You will be able to get in game though. (We are looking at this issue now.)
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    Servers Down Monday, July 13th

    System messages have just gone out: we are bringing the servers down in 15 minutes. :)
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    Servers Down Monday, July 13th

    Hi, Everyone, We will be bringing the servers down within the next two and a half hours to push our new build, The Vale and the Prince. Since many of you have asked, the reason we cannot give an exact time as to when we will bring the servers down, is because it depends on how long it takes...
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    Current Contest The Sneaky Scribbler Caption Contest

    Thank you all for your entries! :) Winners will be announced tomorrow (Tuesday.)
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    The Song Title Game Part 3

    Harry Belafonte -- Man Smart, Woman Smarter
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday July 3 - 10

    Happy Friday, and another week has flown by! Once again, the number of fantastic entries was staggering. Sometimes it just seems right to go big. Going big this week with lots of winners! :D Congratulations, and a HUGE THANKS to all who submitted. First Place = a tie La Loba (EU1) -...
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    iOS issues

    Can confirm this is not V&H specific. And, agree, thank you William and Imp! ;) (We will update here.)
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    Unable to advance quest on my ALT due to bug.

    This issue has already been resolved.
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    New Ardent Ledger!

    It's LEDGER TIME! :p Get a preview of the Midsummer event zone, find out who the new Royal Guardians are, see what else is new in the upcoming build, read player interviews, go behind the scenes with a Dev, and much more! You can find the latest edition of the Ardent Ledger here, or just...
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    Current Contest The Sneaky Scribbler Caption Contest

    It's been ages since we've done this fun little contest! The rules are simple: just write an amusing caption for the image pictured below. The Sneaky Scribbler, and if you don't know who that is please see the Ardent Ledger, will select their top three favorite captions. There is no limit to...
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday June 26 - July 3

    Happy Friday! And another week of so many submissions! It's as if some kind of flood gate opened recently! We love seeing this kind of enthusiasm and participation, please keep it up! :D Congratulations to the winners, and a huge thanks to all who submitted! (And don't forget, we do always...
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    Our New EU1 Russian Moderator!/ Наш новый российский модератор EU1

    We are very excited to have a new Russian Moderator! He’s been playing V&H since 2016, is well known to most of you on EU1, and there is very little about this game that he does not know. Furthermore, he’s extremely conscientious and enthusiastic, and we have no doubt that he will make a...
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    Reminder about running simultaneous accounts

    You don't have to delete the alt accounts, but please just do not ever run them simultaneously. At present, that is the exploit of concern. Thanks for being so responsible and honest about this! :)
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    Login Problems - Tuesday June 3o

    All servers are now back up, and working as they should.
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    Login Problems - Tuesday June 3o

    We are rebooting the servers now.