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    The Give An NPC A Name Contest!

    Cole McFewmets if male. (Fewmets being deer scat) Spraints O'Colliery either female or male (Spraint being otter poop and colliery being a coal mine) And if we ever need a name for the guy in the barrel tank, I toss in the name Kilderkin "Oi" McTankish
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    Stuck "Preparing zone, please wait..."

    4 and 1/2 hours later, still doing it. Any chance you can kick Slumberton on US3 please, I cannot get any characters online. Thanks.
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    Stuck "Preparing zone, please wait..."

    All of my characters on US3 are inside the village Slumberton, it wont load, on PC the loading bar moves to almost full and then stops. On mobile I just get the preparing zone, please wait. Been trying to get back on after porting to the village for about 20 minutes now. And now all of my...
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    US2 down?

    I too cannot get into my characters which are located in the village of Slumberton on US3. (not to hijack your thread US2)
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    Compensation Gifts Have Been Distributed!

    If you fit all of the "Active Character" requirements listed above and didn't get it, sub a cs ticket.
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    Compensation Gifts Have Been Distributed!

    Was your account and that character made and played prior to the hack?
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    Why is it called a rollback...

    Why is it called a rollback when you lose everything that was in the mail prior to the 18 hours that was rolled back? Shouldn't it too be in the mail?
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    What are y'all doin' since game has been down?

    Have finished 2 books, working on a third on Audible and started in on AQ3D (day 4), its different, their community isn't very good, don't care for the crafting system, but it helps with a gathering/crafting fix.
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    Grinchta's Lair Departure!

    Awesome, sadly I opened my presents last night just in case the present disappeared at midnight and took what was inside with it.
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    Event zone leaving?

    Agreed, I'd hate to lose out on purchasing anything if it were to end without me purchasing something due to saving up yuletides, but also to purchase something now when I would have a few days still to squeeze more dailies/boss kills in to get what I want.
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    Redeem Code?

    If it caused the same flagging effect as when you redeem the code on one of your characters, I do not see why it wouldn't restrict it from all other characters. They could finish the "quest" but the end results would be different, something like a stopgap, character nonflagged="redeemed" item...
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    Redeem Code?

    Santa Claus-ish (or whichever event/holiday/new to the game/or awkwardly long downtime is being given a redeem code for) NPC/s in Ardent City/Summer's Hollow that gives a quest to talk to him/her/it again and poof quest finished, rewards are what the redeem code would have been, wrapped up in a...
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    Redeem codes for ios

    I thought of the calendar and a special "slot/buttom" for redeems as well, also could do it as a questline. Automatically obtain the quest to search out the NPC, talk with them, finish the quest, gain the redeem item box which holds all the items (either the items or the box could be account...
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    Redeem codes for ios

    Might I suggest linking the forums account to the player's in-game account (and/or server played depending on how redeem codes work on 1 account and multiple servers), then a achievement/title/mark is given on the forums that signifies the player has been given a redeem code and then, just mail...