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    In Game Alliance Tools

    It would be really cool if we could form in game alliances between guilds that opened up some tools for us that allowed an alliance chat and maybe a new color dot on the map to see each other. That itself would make me happy, but maybe even a few more tools like allowing alliance members into...
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    Party Size, Party Organization, and Raid Invites

    Rogg agree on all points. Good post, ooman!
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    Online/Offline Whisper Indicator

    It would be nice if on the whisper list there was like a red/green dot or circle around the persons profile icon to show if they are online or not. It gets frustrating sending messages to offline people. Thanks!
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    Village Signboard/Postings Suggestion

    Agreed! Great idea! The more tools we have in villages the better. I think villages are a big aspect players want to see reinforced and added to and this would definitely help in that regard.
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    Yeah the ability to send messages to custom labeled folders would be awesome too
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    Send to all in Guild button

    For mail there is only the option to send to all members in a village. With the member cap raised to 120 and having more members than can live in a village, a "Send to all in Guild" button would be very helpful for those living in other towns. Thanks!
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    Village Sieges

    This idea is to create a PvM aspect to the "village". PvM isn't villaging, per-say, but the village is home to heroes too! THE IDEA: The idea is that there is a new project called "sieges" that, like the wellspring, can be repeated when filled (maybe a catapult or guard tower added with a...
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    Housing: Interior & Exterior

    I just saw the last livestream where they announced they are working on most of these things. I am very excite!!!
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    ARDENT SOCIETY suggestions

    I agree but why couldn't they make it so you cant get AS chest unless your char is a week old or something? I really hate how many things i get that are useless to certain chars or would fit my other chars aesthetically :(
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    Housing: Interior & Exterior

    Before joining I did a little youtube research to make sure I'd like the game. One aspect that has always been important to me is housing in mmo's that offer it. I searched and found this video which at 1:20sec drew me in. It features exterior customization options that I thought were super cool...
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    Mayor Voting

    Seems a little backwards and silly that ANYONE can run for Mayor in a village but you have to be level 30 to vote?? Makes more sense you would have to be lvl 30 to run for mayor for some credentials and anyone can vote. Like, a lot more sense eh? This is how hostile takeovers could happen in a...
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    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, Jan 17th for Small Patch

    Nice! Can we get the extra backpack space that comes with reapers set as account bound as well? I had all pack spaces and then bought the reapers pack and cant use the extra pack space it comes with nor give it to my alts :( thanks!
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    Exp Option & Crafting RNG

    Again, i stand by this statement on the RNG.. I just made 53 tunics after being 5 starred and still no epic. This makes me want to throw the phone across the room. PLEASE look into this and consider SOME fix!!!
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    Exp Option & Crafting RNG

    Rogg say hello oomans! Two things I think would make a lot of sense and help players in their adventures: 1. Armor/Weapon Spec Epic Success Chance: I find it rather completely frustrating at times that after I have 5 starred (30 items) an item that my success chance of an epic could be the...