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    Vale Changes Feedback

    The changes made, especially to the ladder, have not made the event more fun or more challenging. It’s just mad the event take longer and more boring. Not to mention a resource sink. The waste of resources is the main reason why most people aren’t playing the raids and the ladder event now has...
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    Vale Changes Feedback

    If all you’re going to do is make it 2-3x as hard but not change the rewards, you’ll drive people away from the event. There’s already a significant portion who don’t care about the event. Sinking more time for nothing doesn’t sound more fun to me.
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    Servers Down Monday, December 16th

    I’m dying over here!
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    Servers Down Monday, December 16th

    This is brutal. iOS needs to get their stuff together.
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    Servers Down Thursday, Dec 12th

    What about the mini map not updating when something is killed?
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    Plentiful Nodes AFK

    Is there a set time that servers get reset every week? Knowing that plentiful nodes don't respawn until about after 24 hours, it would be nice to know when to NOT look for them. Thanks y'all.
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    Thank you Otters!

    I’m very sorry I didn’t find this game a lot sooner. I’m enjoying it. Not only do I appreciate all the hard work from the developers but also the effort from all the Mods. All combined, they make a great team. Thank you for all you do!
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    Servers Down Tuesday, Oct 22 - BACK UP NOW

    Forum posts need a time stamp.
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    Servers Down Tuesday, Oct 22 - BACK UP NOW

    On US2, and I’m on mobile, once I login it asks me to choose my server but there are no servers to choose. Just a blank screen.