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    Sockets: The One Thing

    No.. but there's a reasonable chance to get 1 or more sockets in the chest itself. And you can get keys/key rings for gold.. don't need to rely on dropped or gifted keys to open your stash of chests. I've gotten somewhere in the 70 socket range from chests over the last year and a half.
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    Sockets: The One Thing

    Darrig chests can contain sockets as well and keys for said chests can be purchased with gold. Open enough and you'll have a nice stash of sockets without spending real money once.
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    A New Addition to Our Otter Team

    Congrats V… awesome news!
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    Proposal: Poop and Coal Substitute

    lol.. you got me wiping away my tears of laughter now
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    Proposal: Poop and Coal Substitute

    You ain't joking! Still trying to get the stains out of my broom.. :LOL:
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    To: My Secret Santa

    Wanted to echo/ditto this statement.. a big thank you to my secret santa on US3.. totally unexpected and much appreciated.
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    An Early Christmas Gift for the Otters

    Math.. you win the internet for today.. maybe the week.. probably the month.. heck, let's make it the whole year. I'm going to sync the Christmas lights at my house to some these and broadcast them all night.
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    Complexity for Complexity's Sake - A Critique of Combat (Part 2/3)

    I approve. Of course, my jupyter notebook and umpteen sets of parameter values would then be nearly useless.
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    (Discussion) Analysis of Stats

    I don't think enough people take the time (or have the interest) to actually theorycraft. To crunch the numbers and look at what changes to gear/stats might look like from a raw numbers perspective. There are other games I've played where I probably spent as much time theorycrafting as I did...
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    (Discussion) Analysis of Stats

    I didn't need those flashbacks today.. sheesh :D
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    (Discussion) Analysis of Stats

    Hit the nail on the head for this one. All my testing thus far has only confirmed this to be the case but that testing hasn't involved 95 elders. RNG versus predictable (and earlier) access to a rotational ability. Really allows you to fine tune your rotation to maximize use of big spells...