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    Toy Bag Feedback

    Have you tried opening the toybox AFTER talking to the Ardent NPC? I believe he adds the account bound toys to the toybox. If they are not there, you should send a CS ticket.
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    Lag in New Vale/Rift Build

    You lost me after "new build tomorrow".... but thanks to all the Otters for getting things straightened out!
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    GAME ISSUES Friday, May 27th

    I understand your frustration. And how you choose to spend your hard earned $$ is completely up to you (and no one should argue with you about it!). I can't point you to where anything was stated - I believe the decision to not push builds until approval was received was posted on the old...
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    GAME ISSUES Friday, May 27th

    Usually when an update is done, they wait until after they have received approvals from Apple and Google before they push it to live. So, whether it happens on Friday or not, it's not an issue . Devs have stated (repeatedly) that what happened on Friday was supposed to be a Hotfix - not an...
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    GAME ISSUES Friday, May 27th

    They can't fix expired mail.
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    GAME ISSUES Friday, May 27th

    They have to wait for approval from ios and google. Generally, they aren't given a timeline for approval... it could happen in 5 mins... or it could be hours...I don't think it usually takes days, but I'm not positive.
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    Server Hotfix Friday, May 27th

    I'm pretty sure that devs are working on the issue and that we'll hear from them once things are figured out.
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    Please Increase Maximum Craft Specilization Per Toon to at least 2... or more

    I don't believe this is the reason for one spec per character. I think the original intent was that players could work together. That's been a common theme in our game since the beginning.
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    Twilight Vale Outfit Chosen!

    Have to say... Michelle did an amazing job. After reading this thread (and, obviously the other), it appears that the negativity is not toward the outfits themselves - and players 'fighting' over the 'best' COULD be taken as a compliment. Here's hoping the negativity dies down and our player...
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    Loot System (Raids)

    To say that there is no need for context or even debate is just wrong. Everyone has opinions, and is welcome to them. While yes, it WOULD be nice for those top lvl raiders to be guaranteed purple or orange items (whether gear or relics), it would make over powered builds even more over...
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    This could also be tagged as.... Bunnies & V&H Every other bunny in existence
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    Raid Nether Camel--would you please add skills (e.g. speed boost)

    I disagree with this. Mallok's wind may be a fraction faster... But, as having bridle AND Mallok, I don't notice much of a difference. However, the bridle works across ALL mounts, not just one. Mallok only works if you're using the mount with Mallok. I think that bridle going across all...
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    Raid Nether Camel--would you please add skills (e.g. speed boost)

    I've avoided this topic til now. Just posting my opinion, for what it's worth (which isn't much)... I love that each raid season/ez has a different set of rewards. For those of us who have been around a bit, it's nice to have something new to choose. :) I think that it's ok if not EVERY raid...
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    Relics and multiple characters.

    I don't know if I agree with this. While yes, it WOULD make it easier to get relics on alts, the individual characters are not earning them. It would be MUCH easier to get epic/legendary relics for 3-4 toons if you only do raids on 1 toon. I think that all rewards from raids (and EZ's) should...
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    Patch Notes Servers Down Wednesday, April 6th, for Small Fix-it Build

    As a holy priest, THANK YOU!!! And thanks to ALL the otters for their hard work. It's absolutely awesome that you found this so fast!