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    A few ideas i have heard making the rounds.

    If they were designed as elders that spawn randomly, the drop would not be an issue. Elders do instanced drops.
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    Thank You Otters for ...

    Thank you Otters for: 1. Giving us a place to play. Afterall, none of us would be here if they didn't. I've made some great friends over the years and am truly grateful that V&H is here. 2. Keeping the game fresh. Story lines are great and there's always something to do :D 3. Staying...
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    Everything Went Wrong in Dungeon + We are Not Getting Help.

    Unfortunately, the way that dungeons are currently set up, it is not possible to have a 'private' dungeon run. Anyone can join. <I find this fortunate but many don't like it.> Maybe they'll come up with instanced dungeons so that such a thing would be possible. But for now, you can't forbid...
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    Everything Went Wrong in Dungeon + We are Not Getting Help.

    I've seen many complaints about dungeons...However, I've also seen players that love dungeons and the way that they are. Dungeons and elders are designed to be 'group content'. This means that you will need a group to do them. If you cannot find players that will 'work with you' (for whatever...
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    Feb 27 2020 Updates for Recent Podcast

    1. I know that I can never see Chinese players' chat. I also know that this DOES cause issues on the server. English font players, most times - especially if new - don't understand that Chinese font players cannot see them, cannot talk to them. So, they may be saying wait wait (or whatever)...
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    Sprig's "Corrupt Seminarian" Build and user manual have a lot of the hybrid build that I tried playing when Starfall fell...<I was a hybrid priest pre-starfall> And I could not make it work. Looks like you've got it down to a science. I may try again - not sure. Thanks for sharing.
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    New US3 Policies

    US2 was the 'default' for a long time. And while yes - we did get a few trolls here and there - it was never enough to 'disrupt' the server. Most of the 'regular players' would not interact with said trolls and the mods could do their job and everything was taken care of quickly and...
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    Happy valentines day for all my loves in the game

    Love to you too!!! US2 still misses you...It's good to see you about.
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    Coolest Gaming Grandma ever

    Gray hairs are not required! I have 13 grandkids, but minimal gray.
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    Crafting question

    Don't we have that already? The 5th spec - that no one takes?
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    Departure of Grinchta's Lair

    You can buy them in the item shop
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    Method of death

    Didn't realize it was actually IN game.....THAT is hilarious!!!! There are times that Diet was over the top - and he is missed. <IF he's the one who did that - there ARE other otters, afterall!>
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    Method of death

    We need a new cause of death added to game... "You died while typing in a hazardous environment." <not mine - stolen from Karen Souldancer on US2>
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    Blight motes for crafting

    It does chose to make your weapon master a different character than your high lvl combat toon. Going by the reasoning that you give, any specialization that you have on your account should be able to be used by all on your account. This is simply not the case. This is where...