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    Chanteuse Event Teams

    Are the bars even open where you are at Sarah? I would Settle for Starbucks lobby open for seating!🍮
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    Our New US2 Moderator!

    Congratulations tomgtu
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday June 5 - 7

    :eek: WOW the Entries this week Amazing
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    I found a lobster

    LoL Anthony you found one of Diet's Easter Eggs (at Least I think it was Diet's).
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday June 12 - 19

    congrats to the winners! @NoodlesForBrains If that is where I think it is, that path has major trouble around the bend
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    No Scams

    Also if it's in game and the chat is in MOD purple it may be one of the event committee advertising an upcoming event
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday May 29 - June 5

    I miss Tater and Scruffles both. congrats to the winners
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    V&H Art Appreciation

    Wow so many Jacinda horses
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday May 22 - 29

    Congrats to all the winners!!! Love the humorous daily calander diary and amazed at the accompanying artwork
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    V&H Event Committee

    Welcome Isa, Gwen, you're Awesome additions to the wonderful chaos of planning & executing world/server wide events
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday May 15 - 22

    Congrats to the winners
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    The Goat of US1 is Back!!

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    New player looking for a guild

    There are lots of great guilds IG just find one that interests you hang with them and see if you are comfortable hanging with them then ask about joining. One thing nice about this game is guilds are not necessary to play the game just a shout for help or a question asked in world chat and you...
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday May 8 - 15

    Congrats to the winners! @Sarah Otter Ostrich got your Goat 😹 @Zar 😹
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    About Game Balance

    Add to this the fact you have solo and group player preferences, to a certain extent each subclass has to have enough damage/defense available to be able to solo if necessary/desired otherwise there will be more rage quitting early on in the game before the absolute need of all the classes...