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    [Guide] Sugarsweet Summit - 2022 edition

    I updated the thread to the patch 4.71.2: Hidden Candy Caches are removed. Bonnie and Clyde changed their skin; they now drop a stash that contains at least 3 candies, and can also contain other goodies. Each ladder boss has now an IG description of their mechanics Small red spiders heals Sour...
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    [Guide] Sugarsweet Summit - 2022 edition

    Thanks all! 😘 @William Hououin Wow, when I chose my name I just typed 4 random letters, I didn't even know it meant something! @CaraLox Sure, I'll share them! If I'm not wrong, there will be a patch soon™ and this guide will need to be updated. Maybe we should wait a bit before adding this to...
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    [Guide] Sugarsweet Summit - 2022 edition

    Shop List And finally, the traditional Shop List! 3 vendors can be found in Sugarsweet Summit: Mister Snailsworth in the Cavern, Tammy and Bill Woods at the Bazaar. Notes: the estimated times doesn't take in account the one-time-only rewards (which is 350 ) You can get your goodies faster if...
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    [Guide] Sugarsweet Summit - 2022 edition

    Summit Encounter 6 Elders and 6 Zingaras can be found in the Summit. Each of them: - can appear in 3 different locations (check the maps below) - will reward you 3 once per 20h - will give you their echo reward every time you kill them. Their echo reward is made of 2 Sugarsweet ingredients and...
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    [Guide] Sugarsweet Summit - 2022 edition

    Welcome to Sugarsweet Summit, the pinkest of all Event Zones, where even the grass is made of candy! The previous version of this guide can be found here: [Guide] Sugarsweet Summit Table of content: Summary of the rewards Quests Weapon and Hat recipes 2nd Post: Summit Encounter Bonnie and...
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    [Guide] Grinchta's Lair - 2021 edition

    Aww, thanks all! 🥰 I added some info on Buddy Plumkiss and the quest Christmas Bash. ...I'm not sure if I should update the shop list to include Plumkiss in the calculation. Most players can't access him (yet), his fight is a bit long, and his regular reward is only 1 + 1... I don't know if...
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    [Guide] Grinchta's Lair - 2021 edition

    Rewards Carol Songbooks When you kill a boss, or do some quests, you get one of those two songbooks: Festive Carol Songbook or Jolly Carol Songbook . Using them will give you a random lyric page. If you collect enough pages of the same song, you can turn them into Christmas-themed hats...
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    [Guide] Grinchta's Lair - 2021 edition

    Crafting Quests The "Toy Time" quests 4 quests, a lot of materials, let's see what we need! Quest Item to craft Crafted mat 1 Crafted mat 2 Crafted mat 3 Crafted mat 4 Dropped Mat Toy Time: Chemistry Set Christmas Chemistry Set (Cooking) Kid-Safe Chemical Catalyst (Cooking) Batch of...
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    [Guide] Grinchta's Lair - 2021 edition

    Ho ho ho! Grinchta is back... and apparently he isn't the only bad guy this year? Table of content: 1st message Introduction Quests Bosses The Plumkiss Hideout (New!) 2nd message - Crafting daily quests Toy Time quests Hideout crafting quests 3rd message - Rewards The Carol Songbooks The...
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    Current Contest The MAY DAY MAYHEM Event!

    If this wasn't to make a few advertisings... Between the zone being full even after its size was increased, the incredible lag that made a lot of us FREEZE, and EC members that wanted us to dodge stinky eggs while we were running... this part of the event was just unplayable. We have players...
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    Diet Easter Egg, I didn't know this existed!

    Yep, he exists :D There was a small thread here: Lost Mad One To those who hasn't watched the video yet, it spoils what he says (which is, imo, the main reward when you find him).
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    Special Flair Pack for Platinum Players before Sugarsweet

    This cheat didn't exist before the Sugarsweet patch, when Raid Levels were changed into Tiers. Those who reached Platinum before Sugarsweet had to reach level 50 in every Raid, they had to complete all of their 250 runs.
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    Raids Season 2

    What I did this season: On my lvl 95 Lightning Warrior on Eu1, I reached lvl 50 in all raids in solo before the beginning of Sugarsweet, I have done my dailies until I bought all mounts with Ducats, then I stopped. I could have continued to do raids to get better relics, but I was already...
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    Mana Changes Proposal

    @Damon Otter Two problems that weren't mentioned if you keep using blueberries in a base for other mana potions: -If we need to grow two kind of berries, which means using our garden twice, but without changing the size of our garden, it will encourage players to break ToS 4.3; -If we need to...
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    Actual Stat Values or Pool Values?

    The old display: On the left, the pool stats, that came mostly from gear, talents, glyphs and buffs. On the right, their effect after being modified (diminishing return, origin, talents, enchants, etc.). Some of the calculated effect were starting from 0%, some from 100%, and some were removed...