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  1. Name plate iteration

    I would love having health bars on all players, if they were accurate. I get 2 different hp amounts, quite often, at 95 elders, in raids, and ladder. From what I can tell, the bar in the party list is correct. I have bug reported this.
  2. Red prince wont die

    This happened to me also, once on 3 person and twice on solo. Bug reports were sent.
  3. Stuck @ loading the character screen

    I think we all got kicked. Says US3 rebooting
  4. Login Problems - Tuesday June 3o

    Just logged on US3, in village District 12 City, zone crashed. Crashed for the 3 of us there at the time. Sent back to character screen. Was able to get back in right away.
  5. Father's Day Treats!

    Thank you Otters! Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!
  6. Champions of Chanteuse!

    This will be fun! The screenshots have to have the time on them, but there’s no way I can see to do this on mobile. I also think there should be 2nd and 3rd place for the private teams, please reconsider and add this.
  7. Mount Catching

    I also played a game where you could catch mounts. You bought ‘catchers’ with gold that had a small chance to catch a mount. There were different mounts, each in a different zone. They traveled around an area in the zone. If you saw a mount you would cast the catcher. If you didn’t catch it, you...
  8. iOS Players ! URGENT: We need Bug Reports!

    Yes, I get that error message on iOS, several times a week on initial logging. The last few weeks I’ve been getting disconnected from game and get that message trying to reload. I just cuss my internet provider and try again. I never sent a bug report because I figured it was on my end.
  9. Ios player enhancement resolution problem

    Yes i play on iPad too, that’s a problem. But if you go to talents and far right scroll down it lists all enchantments. Takes a bit longer to get to, but at least you can see all of them.
  10. Bunny Mount WINNERS!

    Congrats all and happy hopping!
  11. blight mote loot drop rate

    Ever since I entered the Blight zones and realized that motes are not tradeable to other players, that motes are so time consuming to get, how many motes are required to craft mythic gear, and that recipes are soul bound, I have become more than frustrated. I have 4 toons with specs, I craft for...
  12. Ranching skill benefits

    If you are currently just working on leveling your gardening to 95, and ranching can wait, I would try the sheep and just feed them fruit. They won’t be as happy, but eventually they will get to max level. You won’t get as much fleece feeding them this way, but if you have several sheep the...
  13. Pet Distance

    The flying pets are to the side, couldn’t the ground pets be there too? All my toons have ground pets, but for the reasons stated above they only use flying pets.
  14. Gaming Chat Channel

    I’ve seen this in chat recently. It’s very disruptive, other players can’t ask questions, ask for help, buy or sell stuff. Mobile players have no option besides turning chat off. Those who want to play this type of game should gather in one zone and use local chat. I think it’s great to have...
  15. All characters not getting XP bonus from calendar

    I noticed this on Dec 20 because I had 3 toons levels 30-34 that were at the very end of their xp bars. 1 got xp and leveled, the other 2 got no xp. Sent bug report. On the 27th, I noted how much xp each of my toons had, including ss of each, then claimed my calendar reward. 5 toons got no xp...