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    Scaling Gear

    I wish I was a genius with a solution. I would love to see it fixed! This is backwards and counter intuitive for any game IMHO, and it's hard to explain to new players. Leveling up should always be: I just dinged! :) Instead of: I just dinged, :(
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    The divide between high lvl players and low lvl players in Event Zones

    IMHO, It would be great, if we died, we stayed in the zone with the group. Run back from the pad (zero fun) or use a premium item (resurrect). Should the ladder take premium items to finish? If we stayed I could use the EZ stuff to re-health and re-mana. Having the resources come from the EV to...
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    Selecting garden sections

    I would use it if it was an option. Even if it took a little longer. I would rather watch a bar move to the right then click 50x. If the time is the same or longer, and if it was an option, it shouldn't have any affect on the game balance.
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    WINNERS of 12 Day Contests and Server Gifts!

    US2: 5 + 3 for Blackout = 8 Yes, I missed it ! Thank you, Ekimie! Again gratz to the winners! and Thank you Otters! Moe
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    WINNERS of 12 Day Contests and Server Gifts!

    I didn't get items 9 and 10. 1 Elixir of Mercenary and 1 Elixir of Creation 1 Bounty Hunter’s Badge Did US2 not qualify for 9 and 10? Not a big deal, badges are always nice.:) Gratz to the winners 🎅 Moe
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    Current Contest (12 Days X-mas) VH Christmas Carols Contest!

    Moe of Magnesia US2🎅 (I'll Be Home For Christmas-Bing Crosby version) I'll Be In Pyrron for Christmas I'll be in Pyrron for Christmas, you can grind with me, Please have pies and badges, And Triads by the tree, Christmas Eve will find me, where the torchlight gleams, I'll be in Pyrron for...
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    Patch 4.67 - Christmas 2021

    I agree; if a guild could make a custom chat channel that could include all 120 guild members (or more), it would make more options available and ease the pain. <added "I agree"
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    Dungeons DC

    It would be great if the Otters could fix 'Proper Scaling'. I believe the user base wants dungeons and the like for stuff to do as a guild (all levels). Having higher level players 'mentoring' lower level players is a super healthy game dynamic. Mentoring system? or simplify? Say hi to your dog...