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    95 Elder's run on US1

    We could also discuss about what to do when someone miss a minion. My sugestion is: This player or players shout out what is missing, and the guide is responsible to hunt, along with the horde (they all together), for a replacement. After the problem is solved, the guide and the horde can go...
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    95 Elder's run on US1

    Hi guys, I've been running at the 95's for a while now and I've noticed a few issues that is breaking down the harmony, fair play and balance of the game. I've been talking with some players and gathered some sugestions that can equalize and make running healthier. General considerations 1- A...
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    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, Oct 18th for The Haunted Moors !

    Guys, could we get the Ghoul boy, Gravelord, Mister tree and Terror warnings back up? Its really hard to keep up with them! Please? (plz plz plz plz plz plz)
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    Patch Notes Servers Down Thursday, Sept 16th for Small Patch

    I would suggest adding the two types of flair packs, the blue one and the blue and yellow one. Personally I prefer the blue and yellow one, but I would also like to have completely blue, maybe a double pack, it would be amazing. Also it would also be interesting and nice if the circles, on the...
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday Sept 10 - 17

    Congratz everyone! Loved everyting
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    Nature Hunter Bug?

    Well, I guess this happens in raid and specifically in Oasis because there, natures veil is reduced or nullified. At raids it is on purpose for sure, they want us to go through it like the others, but in Oasis i dont really know if its a bug, i assume it is reduced because the minions chase for...
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    Gold Exploit

    I can say a big NO for this questions. I also can say that this is frustating, unfair and makes me a bit mad.. I couldn't agree more with you.
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    Gold Exploit

    I guess this is bc of the exploit and the inflation, this is not a usual price, unfortunelly there are a lot of players trying to take advantage from what is happening, we have now a lot of overpriced items in our AH. And things are starting to dissaper, maybe the honest players are waiting...
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    Gold Exploit

    Got it!
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    Gold Exploit

    Tyvm Sarah! Would be good to attach up above what is a big amount, so people would know faster and be aware about it. And tyvm again, this was killing us.
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    Steam Players and Mobile!

    Oh my God, Tyvm!
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    The Naked Shamrock Run!

    Oh, Ty!!
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    The Naked Run US1 (to EU2)

    Guys, this is a topic to discuss about this contest. Here we can decide a moment to unite the server to the naked run, remember that the rules are here: . Leave your ideas below. First run - 18/03 7pm EST
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    The Naked Shamrock Run!

    Guys, i guess we have a problem with the people on mobile, it only shows EU (theres is no 1 or 2)