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  1. Patch 4.67 - Christmas 2021

    For those of us who do not like to constantly view World Chat can there be an option to enable EZ announcements in all chats? I have been missing them since the new announcements have been implemented.
  2. Proposed Mana Changes

    gold cost should be reconsidered if you are removing the instant mana regen and the absorb shield which are the two reasons i am willing to pay the expense of lvl 90+ mana potions
  3. Please make gathering/crafting more interactive (Like Sony Free Realms)

    sounds great to me, currently i only craft or gather when something good is on tv, because it is boring to click watch a wheel spin for 1 min then click again.
  4. Patch 4.47 Equinox : Known Issues

    Caliphs are supposed to be able to be killed solo!
  5. Mount Ideas

    With Oasis coming up I vote CAMEL!
  6. Rebooting Servers Friday, July 24 for Elders Hot Fix

    Woohoo! Gold Run here I come!
  7. Blighted Treasure Dram Recipe

    I feel like something is wrong with this method, I have learned the potion, and still have it in my bag so I am able to give it away to another potion master and they can learn it now, and on and on...
  8. Blighted Treasure Dram Recipe

    I have the blighted treasure dram recipe on my potion master toon, and in her bag, her cooking and combat are both at level 95. Yet when I take her to Ashe White and speak to the potion master NPC, the NPC asks if it can help me with anything, but my only option is to say Bye.
  9. Shadow of the Eclipse - Report Bugs Here!

    Can't get into the game, during in logging in I get a message says "Error!" and then the progress bar finishes then empties and then nothing
  10. One Raid game crashed and now cant get in the game anymore...

    I can't get into the game either. during the logging in phase i get an message says "Error!" and nothing else the game then freezes and nothing else happens I am on PC
  11. 2 days in a week, Summers Hollow Broke

    For the second time this week my toon is stuck in summers hollow, i went there to see an old friend before I went to the event zone and now for the second time i am going to miss a round of dailies and mutliple grinch kills. Plus my bonus from my Ardent Society Chest.
  12. "Salty Sanity" mission note selled :(

    If this is so then change the quest. It specifically reads "Create two batches of Sanity Salt for Dryfel. I can learn how to do this by reading the note dryfel gave me" if you never get to read the note then you are stuck at this point with no idea of what you are supposed to do. This is exactly...
  13. What in gods name are the Devs thinking????

    OH and the NPC wont' give you another copy. Come on Devs!!!!! Really you thought this was a good idea???? You changed the sell all gems button then added all the plentiful nodes so i need to constantly sell gems, and then make it so when i do i lose a quest item. What is so hard about letting...
  14. What in gods name are the Devs thinking????

    Why would you make a quest item get sold with all your grey crap????? I have now lost my note for salt of sanity because right after i got it i went to sell the gems from gathering with the new sell button, and the devs for some reason made a quest item grey and get sold with all your worthless...