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  1. Request to restock the old dungeon

    While there is some validity as a palliative in those suggestions, I think that the thrust of Uncle Meng’s comments as I understood them went beyond. Moreover, while raids have been picked up here, perhaps as topical, I don’t read that as the limit if his comment, but rather an example of his...
  2. Request to restock the old dungeon

    It is not often I post to signal complete agreement. This is one such occasion. This game benefitted from having diverse paths and the original dungeon was an amazing device for bringing players together and binding players into the game.
  3. Sickle Shield and weapons gnog pack

    My mistake :)
  4. Sickle Shield and weapons gnog pack

    By now I have it on most Alts since it comes around every year. Sort of defeats the purpose of log in gifts if you can buy them?
  5. New Player EZ

    Just ran a Farmer with no premium speed. Not an issue. Might be if don’t have a horse. The real reason for blocking before they get a horse is that EZs help level but don’t give gear. Many get caught in that trap and don’t know how to get out of it or then find Summers dull. It would...
  6. New Player EZ

    Also would have the benefit of addressing leeroying without consequence by toons below 10. Honestly, I’d be fine with blocking rebirth toons to level 10 too. Level ten takes no time any way.
  7. Elder level replacement rewards

    Thank you for pointing that out, but I wished to pose a question as to the policy primarily.
  8. Elder level replacement rewards

    I noticed the statement that the script didn’t cater for alts. I also noticed the statement that the distribution was complete. As someone with 3 95 toons it very much looks like 2 of the 3 ( in my case the more active ones in the period) got no rewards as things stand. Is the intention to...
  9. Playbalance Changes - UPDATED

    Fury is definitely viable and the two hand is more than cosmetic. Is it all that I’d like in terms of matching the visuals? No. It is however, reasonable. It is difficult to judge a class at lower levels. All the ones I’ve played hit tough patches at some points in their development...
  10. Lightning Warrior Updates.

    That makes sense if that’s the extent of it
  11. Lightning Warrior Updates.

    Sounds a little like making lightning more like a Fury. That is the problem with seeking to tweak this sub class or that. It just rolls down hill. Now, if we are talking about adding a rune to all, maybe a support skill for dps classes, speed buffs for slower classes, perhaps. If...

    There are a lot of 95s on US 3. They are hardly invisible. And no, you are not forced to be a villager to get to 95s.

    You will not find this a problem by the time you get there! If you are worried, do the death blight quest line last. Then you definitely shouldn’t just by questing.
  14. Oasis Suggestions

    That makes sense. As I said, the ideas are good. For me, if the event zones, Sugarsweet merits the most urgent attention in terms of content, mechanics and rewards. That comes after main game improvement, particularly for higher level players. That said, these changes to the Oasis would...
  15. Oasis Suggestions

    There are some interesting ideas here. In reaction, 2 reactions came to mind: 1) Why would we focus this amount of energy on something that is here for 1/12 of the year when similar ideas could be general year round content. 2). If any event needs a revamp, I think it’s probably widely...