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    State of Balance Discussion

    I uninstalled awhile back and wanted to say it is 100% because of the mana build. I'm not busy. I'm not playing other games. This game is just no longer enjoyable. Years ago I played another game and my main got nerfed into the ground after 2500 hours of playtime. After testing different...
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    Patch Notes Patch Notes for the post-Mana Build! (4.93)

    How much time do people spend playing in groups versus alone though? I play alone almost all the time, and the changes make the game much less enjoyable. Even once the bugs are ironed out and the game is perfect - according to you, as a player - it's still not going to be anywhere near as good...
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    Raid Party Sizes

    The chaos is what makes it so fun, at least on bronze or silver.
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    Marksman Hunter Changes

    I can't think of any challenging fights in the game where dps can avoid taking damage. Bosses are very fond of blasting type aoes and thorns. And of course solo it's not going to do much when you're the only target.
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    Shadow Priests working as intended?

    30% is a huge difference. Dramatic even. And my mana is suffering more after the patch than before. 30% more? Yeah, something like that. I don't go for the top of the charts or max dps, I use well read cause I'm fairly casual (especially on priest - my third favorite toon) and like to be comfy...
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    Shadow Priests working as intended?

    None of this compensates for the extreme damage loss which requires using skills more often to defeat the same enemies.
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    Shadow Priests working as intended?

    And no fun.
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    Patch Notes Servers Down Thursday, March 16th for Mana Build

    I have zero interest in grouping up for bounty runs and very limited interest in grouping for raids. I will do several hundred solo raids in a season and maybe a dozen in a group, but just for fun, not because I need those groups to progress. If I need a group to progress, I just won't do it...
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    Holy Changes

    Isn't this just the thing where a skill cancels if you activate it just before the targeted mob dies? I didn't watch the whole video but caught one at 12 seconds. It's not just heals, it's every skill. Single target attack, self-targeted buff or heal, untargeted aoe, everything.
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    Fire Wiz changes

    The stun nerf makes higher level raids much more difficult, probably impossible to solo now. Heals weren't improved, resistances also, so this is a major nerf to defense for a class that already died quite a lot. Ravelle and friends already used to kill me quite often with the seven second stun...
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    Shadow Priests working as intended?

    This change makes no sense at all. Why make the 40 point ultimate completely worthless? It's not like this is a fancy build hybrid issue like some other nerfs. The five point talent of the class nullifies the 40 point talent of the same subclass. Just why?? I mean, it's not like it was amazing...
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    Ice Wizard. Mana patch

    Meanwhile fire is stronger after the patch, in some ways at least. The stun nerf is very painful however. I tried a Heroic 1 Rookery and even in this raid which is very much not stun dependent, it was very noticeable. Other raids like Cloister will be impossible for wiz to solo now past silver.
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    Patch Notes Servers Down Thursday, March 16th for Mana Build

    Tried a raid on my nature hunter. I changed nothing about my build. Noticed basically no difference except mana was worse. The main way I used to manage mana was with the will bonus on Gift of the Dryad. Despite the weakness and general uselessness of will as a stat, this was still better than...
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    Patch Notes Servers Down Thursday, March 16th for Mana Build

    Only players. Was in my last raid on the only toon I'm really worried about when the server restart was announced and my heart almost stopped.
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    Patch Notes Advance Patch Notes - The Mana Build!

    Yeah let's just do a massive change to all classes right in the middle of a raid season. That's great. Awesome. Peachy! In case it's not clear I'm being extremely sarcastic. Please don't.