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    Pure DPS Earth or Water Shaman?

    All of you have made some really good points. I would like to point out that while I was at 95 before doing any rebirths I was usually within top 3-5 on damage with 0 water skills built strictly for tanking. I'm currently working my way back to 95 after completing all rebirths but I believe I...
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    I need YOU to schedule some dungeon runs

    As a tank my main problem with trying to lead a dungeon run is on mobile the timer covers a potion of the mini map and having to open the full screen map to check where the bounties are. I am drawing maps for myself to be able to lead runs.
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    US2 Thursday Lunchtime fun runs

    Always a pleasure to do a run with Sprig
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    Earth Shaman Questions

    At higher levels when you start using sockets make sure all your runes are withing a level or 2 of your combat level. I play an earth shaman as well currently level 93 and tanky as I need to he but I still do amazing damage. If you are on US2 feel free to message me with any questions you may...
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    Current Contest (12 Day Event) Vault Ornament Contest

    Lady Dank US2 Father watching daughter open gifts
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    I need to know wich Smartphone is good to play the mobile Version

    I also play on max graphics which I forgot to mention. But another suggestion is to look in the play store and see what the game runs at and get a phone that is slightly above that since you said you dont want to spend a fortune in one
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    Warrior equality from the eyes of a shaman

    I just looked through lightning warrior runes and talents and believe a lil bump in the feats that generate more threat based on lightnig power would do the trick. By upping that number a couple % higher would make feel more equal to me. Again I say I love to Tank but so do others. I know the...
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    Warrior equality from the eyes of a shaman

    Yes I have and it's not nearly enough. Its drops x amount of threat and does 80% less threat for 20 sec but since if I'm going all out I'm more than doubling people's threat 80% less and I'm still pushing more out than most other people
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    I need to know wich Smartphone is good to play the mobile Version

    I play on a Samsung J6 or something like that it's a Walmart phone and have 0 issues with lag or anything else for that matter except in ez when there are 40+ people at 1 boss
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    Warrior equality from the eyes of a shaman

    I want to start by saying this is a great game and I'm not telling you guys how to do your job. What I want to bring to your attention is that I feel lightning warriors need a buff to thier threat output. As an Earth shaman lv 85 no rebirths I doesnt make much sense to me that in an EZ if I use...
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    A Holiday Shield

    Its 2 red books and 2 green books for the 4 Lts.
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    Android Players News Update

    Thank you for the update will be checking this thread very often.
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    Servers Down Monday, December 9th

    2:35 pm pst and still no update available. I'm getting very sad over here...
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    Servers Down Monday, December 9th

    Trying to be patient waiting I even uninstalled and reinstalled still nothing. I need my fix of V&H lol.
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    New Ardent Ledger!

    Yay thank you for you hard work guys and gals