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    Suggestions for 2021 'Quality of Life Build'

    Oh my, so many wonderful ideas. I know we won't get them all, but just about every idea sounds like a good one. Several people (many?) mentioned pet/companion/toy bags, so I won't mention that again, but I will say if we had a selection screen like we do for mounts, I would enjoy my...
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    Current Contest Secret Santa Event 2020

    This is one of the best community sharing events around. It is so much fun to give and get Secret Santa gifts - thank you Event Committee for all of your hard work. You made it seem a bit more like Christmas around here. šŸ„°
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    Flying Carpets.

    I like sitting on my carpet - it makes me feel magic. I don't mind that things sometimes stick through it - that is part of the magic.
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    The Labyrinth

    I really like this idea. I especially appreciate the variety of hunting down prizes, rather than killing the same selection of enemies in order. Do you see this as solo or group play? What about puzzles you have to solve to get into some of the chests or secret rooms? This could be one of...
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    Servers Down Tuesday, September 8th for Equinox Build

    Is that when I will get my flying carpet that I will surely win from the lottery? :giggle: The Equinox is my favorite event!
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    Blighted recipes for Masteries

    Thank you for the suggestion - even though it did not work, it gave me hope :) I talked to her and I did the tailoring mastery quest again (had not redone it after last rebirth). No luck. Maybe I am not fated to make blighted stitching.
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    Blighted recipes for Masteries

    I have a dropped Blighted Stitching Recipe that needs to be translated. I am a preparation master and am level 95 in all crafting. I am standing in front of the Preparation Master on Dusk Twins (G7). When I try to talk to her she insults me by saying "I loathe ignorance and you seem to be...
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    how do you leave a guild?

    I am a romantic - Camelot has always been one of my favorite musicals.
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    Health bars outside of party

    It is new with the last update and as a priest, I am in 100% agreement with you. This is going to make priesting in the event zone very difficult.
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    What happened to all the old side quests?

    I miss the pie contest in Goldenvale too. But definitely Scruffles has a place in my heart.
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    I found a lobster

    There are a lot of fun hidden creatures in this game. Where did you find the lobster? I think he would make a nice dinner for my whole village :)
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    Perlio's Ideas #2

    I like the idea of the animal level and progress to the next level. I try to sell my golden sheep when they reach max level, but I always forget to check before I feed them again. This would at least give me a chance to notice before I waste my food on a maxed sheep!
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    Shadow of the Eclipse - Report Bugs Here!

    In the level 95 zones, my fellow party member and I are sometimes in different zones while we run our dailies. Hovering over the the other person's name usually tells you where they are, as does the system message in the bottom center . In several cases today, the incorrect information was...
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    US1 95 elders daily run.

    I am 94 - what should I have in place when I hit 95 to make me a contributor?
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    Mats breakdown improvement

    I do my breaking down while making cloth at crafting events. I can just about keep up with my rate of using up level 1 fleece while breaking down from 90. If I insure I have a full stack of each interim level before I start. my supply will last for a full hour of making cloth. You can...