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    Montura de ensueños

    Me encantaaa!!! podría ser la montura especial para el evento de Primavera (así tienen tiempo de desarrollarla, jajaja).
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday Jan 22 - 29

    OMG, Those eyes!!!!! you nailed it!!! ...and the tan horses, for ever in our hearts. Never forget how desperate we all where to get it! :)
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday Jan 15 - 22

    Ha ha ha!!! (I'm still laughing, LOL!!!) :LOL:
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday Jan 1 - 8

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    Server Donation Contest Prizes!

    Thank you!!
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday December 25 - Jan 1

    So lovely Areem!! Congrats
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    Current Contest Secret Santa Event 2020

    Bienvenido!! la comunidad es lo mejor de V&H!!
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday Nov 27 - Dec 4

    Great entries! And we have 3 latin winners today! I'm so happy to see our community growing up!! Felicitaciones a todos!! especialmente a mis amigas latinas!!
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday Nov 13 - 20

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    Fan Friday Fan Friday Oct 23 - 30

    Great entries! Felicitaciones Anthony, me hiciste bailar!!! jajaja
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday Sept 25 - Oct 2

    Cheers for Lady's Fate!!!
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday September 18 - 25

    Ha ha ha! Wonderful post, as always, but Wulfstang, you made my day!!! thanks for adding a little humour and lighten the mood
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    Mobile improvements

    Hi! I totally agree! I died many times cause I was chating. At least it would be nice to see the bar, to notice if you are under attack.
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    Fan Friday July 31 - August 7

    All are great entries!! but the frog melt my heart!! :love:
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    Fan Friday July 24 - July 31

    Thanks for the nice comments! I have a lot of fun! And the other entries were awesome, there's a lot of creative people enjoying V&H all around the world!!!