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  1. Livestream Teasers and Darrig Key info

    Danke für die Info und gute Besserung Tiberius! Danke Para fürs Übersetzten :)
  2. Lasst uns spielen!

    Hab eben gedacht ne Runde Black Storys ( wäre ja vielleicht auch witzig und bin bei der link Suche hier drüber gestolpert: so passend zu V&H wäre die Variante "Stadt, Land, Tod" vielleicht auch passend^^: Kategorien...
  3. Oneplus keyboard issue

    tx for the info
  4. Livestream Teasers and Darrig Key info

    Thank you!!! Is Translation into german already in work? Otherwise I would offer to do so....
  5. New Teaser Revealed!

    isnt that Darth Wader from behind? XD meeting the scorpion king in Ardent....or are we going to fight the Illuminati??
  6. Oneplus keyboard issue

    yes pls can there be a fix? we lost some guild members and friends, who cannot come back to the game because of it :cry:
  7. More storage OR higher stacks PLEASE!

    ....and just to mention that since raw material does not stack up to 1000 anymore (i think since starfall) with the plentiful nodes now in game it the 1000 stacks would be of great use again... ( and thanks for this one Myst, made my day :D 4) An Undying Melody (a lvl 75 quest that still thinks...
  8. Title system

    I claim Title of the coffee mug slayer....:D
  9. Everything Went Wrong in Dungeon + We are Not Getting Help.

    So if I understand you correct, you are more concernend about the time it takes to level up between 80-90....another topic than dungeon. I like to see the ideas for cahnging dungeon, which came up un thos post. But maybe you should/could make a post about leveling 80-90 with suggestions?^^ All...
  10. Descent into Shadow 1B - Don't start here.

  11. Nyxxe , EU1

    So sad so very sorry :cry:even if I didnt know her from ingame, I knew her posts and liked her humor and her soul shinig through her words very much. Unbelievable she is gone....thank you Ori for letting us know and for your share. Dont know what to say....just wishing you, her family and all...
  12. New (potential) player has some questions before playing

    😁😇...well every now and then I lurk around on other servers as well, so maybe....^^like some of the other german players do as well. But as you can see in the forum we do have a pretty nice community and great people on all servers. Viel Spaß im Spiel
  13. New (potential) player has some questions before playing

    Welcome to the game, Leyaa, from another german player. :))) Nice place to be, maybe meeting you in the chat on one of the servers XD
  14. Coolest Gaming Grandma ever

    We need grandma Shirley to play V&H and stream...isnt she amazing? Shirley Curley the gaming Grandma
  15. Master quests no longer available for players under combat level 35/40?

    as far as I know Bosses dont drop Items when the players is more than 5 lvl below....not shure but I remember changes with latest updates (checking patrchnotes?) another change was made to thriving have to have 2 crafting and gatherings skills at least to lvl 40 to enter there now....