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    Fan Friday Fan Friday Oct 2 - 9

    Love the pictoral homage to the work of the Spirits of Plenty in the realms - happy plunting! The Voltan Apocrypha commentary & Invocation are amazing Wulfstan!
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    Channels for EZ Boss Announcement

    I thought a poll of current ez boss announcement preferences might give the devs a more tangible idea than trying to swim through prior forum posts. So in a lovely civilized and organized manner, please vote for your favorite choice. Note: this is only for where announcements appear in chat...
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    V&H Art Appreciation

    Another beginning: Kingsport nights of gaiety and revelry before the long sea voyage commences. Stories and drink flowed as mightily as the ocean currents teasing the harbor.
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    Taking the scenic route

    I LOVE this so very much. I’ve been taking a meandering way to the Blight Isles, and though Jo may make it by my year anniversary in November and stay for a time collecting mounts like the mount hoarder he is, my other toons are perambulating about the realms, soaking up the snow in Shiverspine...
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    Spooky, ghouls, undead

    I am 100% behind a crow or raven mount, but you can’t betray our llama mount dreams for them!!! 😥😭😓😭😥😢 🤣🦙
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    Glendergan new daily quest

    When I got the haunted spider quest the ghostly sister said I’d find them with beetles. Gathered at siftroil beetle logs and found my spiders after about a latch and a half. Got the haunted berries from another fruit producing plant 😊. Happy plunting, and may the Spirits of Plenty bless your nodes.
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    Divindi - US3

    Divindi also just recently adopted a thunder of baby carpet dragons, making Ardent Orphans City their new weyr. You won’t be able to handle the cuteness - like Baby Yoda level here people. *Please be wary of small thread-like poop piles as we encourage better defecatory habits in these new...
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    Hide UI - First-Person Camera - Photomode?

    Throwing every iota of bardic and artistic resolve I can muster behind this idea. The art is spectacular and I would love a simple way to remove the controls and emphasize the visual.
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    And just one more thing...

    This possibility excites me to no end! The subtle ways challenges can be engaged with various mounts is rather appealing, and could potentially add a thrilling layer of strategy to gameplay. I also agree with the point that adding this dimension will add to the immersion of our mounts in game -...
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    Stories on the Strand

    OMG the bestest!
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    Flying Carpet Lottery Giveaway!

    Threads of magic, threads so light, Carry me to illustrious height! Upon your woven back I’ll sail, Destined to explore behind the veil. Your mobile fabric at cruising speed, Will keep apace the bravest steed. We sing and regale the land from up high, As now this bard shall meet the sky! A...
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    Elixir of Reaping

    If that is the case it makes the elixir a lot less phenomenal - still helpful, but not a major boon. Add this to the list of way too complicated mathematical shenanigans behind the scenes 🤣 Now I want a super rare potion that actually makes supplies pop like popcorn in a pan 🤩
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    Elixir of Reaping

    Has anyone noticed a bug while using an Elixir of Reaping regarding number of times supplies drop while gathering? I ran an experiment today when I checked my supply find chance after downing an elixir: I had a 50% supply find chance with it, verda, and a lvl 75 triad with crown tools equipped...
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    Quality of Life - 2020

    I LOVE these ideas Nadi!! Pies pies everywhere!!!! And Ekimie - I like how your brain works! 😏
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    Ardent Society Membership Update

    Still confused. I don’t have an option on iOS to buy a recurring membership. Just 3 month or 6 month non-recurring. It would not let me spend the crowns on those items while my AS membership was active to get the 10% off my next round of AS, which I remember the livestream talking about as an...